Early mornings and coffees

As I'm a early riser, with a certain level of jet lag, my coffees are essential to keep me going, but the habit of smoking in the morning is leaving me, and am quite content being snuggled up indoors, without that winter coat, warm boots, scarf, and gloves, just to go out side and have a smoke.

This I now know, made my husband think I was truly nuts, and I guess it was.!!!!

Just another thing I don't miss about smoking.

We all just have to keep going 😀👍

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  • Good woman yourself Tracey, keep up the great positivity you have and brilliant that you can enjoy your coffee smoke free (haven't really had a cup since I quit 17 months ago as the craving was so strong - met a friend for coffee over the weekend and got a latte, craved a smoke while drinking it!! :O )

  • It's quite interesting, coffee or alcohol , don't effect me to much, and for others a huge trigger

  • Hello Tracey!! Missed your return sorry.

    It's good to have you back.

    This is the one!

  • That was my morning routine for so long.. I don't miss it either. Love sitting at the kitchen table reading, with my cup of coffee, instead of freezing on the front porch! That's one good thing about quitting in the winter.

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