No Smoking Day
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Got through the crazy morning

Still here. Still smoke free...largely to all the encouragement I've received here and at work. So THANK YOU!

Crying all stopped. Tired and still spacey (been drinking lots of juice), but feel ok

Tonight I'm going to eat properly (haven't since quitting), drink alcohol, watch a film. Got a friend coming round who smokes. Told him he will have to go outside.

I'm not worried. Got to face these things.

Found the perfect mantra for me....from AnEggIsAnEgg....Smoking doesn't solve the problem, it causes the problem

Yes indeed.

Good luck everyone


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Glad to hear the crying has stopped elizabeth :)

Good luck with the alcahol - it can be a huge trigger for many people. Stay strong :)


Thank you Sami,

Everything is a trigger for me....haha. Not going to stop doing things I enjoy.

I've read a lot of "stop smoking" books..... I like this idea by Gillian Riley.....

Stopping smoking by making a series of conscious choices not to smoke is, you will find, not only effective, but - though this may be hard to believe - enjoyable because you will feel powerful. It's the opposite of that feeling of being a victim that you had when you felt you couldn't smoke because you were trying to give up. This time you will know that you can smoke at any time, but you choose not to.

Take a minute to remind yourself what went wrong when you gave up before. Did you feel deprived, hungry or over-confident?

Whichever it was, be ready to fight those unhelpful feelings by using the pre-frontal cortex and the sequence below. This is your weapon in the fight against the mid-brain. Learn it and be prepared to say it to yourself every time you feel the desire to smoke which, to begin with, will be often "I have a desire to smoke. I have the freedom to smoke. One puff and I'll be smoking..." To that you can choose either to add "I choose to return to smoking", or "For now I choose not to act upon this desire so I can enjoy the benefits of not smoking..."

Each time you say the sequence, remind yourself of the benefits of accepting the desire without satisfying it: better health, more money, etc.

Don't throw away your cigarettes - you need to know you can have one at any time. Instead, create a barrier to grabbing one on impulse; perhaps tape up the pack, so that if you make a decision to smoke, it's conscious.

Welcome the discomfort of wanting to smoke because it is the healing process.


I not sure about keeping tobacco /cigarettes though!

Maybe she's right. We're in charge, Not our primitive brains.


How did your evening go?


Hi Hattie, it was fine, thank you. I drank and ate. My friend went outside to smoke.

Today want to cry again, but hey ho, at least I made it into work.

How far are you into your quit, Hattie?


Oh good for you! :)

You are doing so well! The first week is tough but you are already nearly half way through! Cry if you need to but keep talking to yourself encouraging yourself and reminding yourself how well you are doing. It won't be like this for long, I promise.

​I have just got to 4 months (feels like longer I swear) I still have tough times but I can go a few days without thinking about smoking, which I never thought I'd say!

You are doing brilliantly, girlfriend!! Just keep going :)


In work too!! :)


4 months! That's fantastic Hattie.

I really appreciate your support and comments....I need to be reminded there is an end to what feels like torment. It's not wanting to smoke. I'm not longing to smoke. Just want the weirdness to stop. haha. I've been smoking for over 30 years so it's not going to happen over night.

Work nearly over. Have a great Friday night


Glad you made it through last night Elizabeth.

(And what a great passage you shared! Thank you!)


I not sure about keeping tobacco /cigarettes though!

Maybe she's right. We're in charge, Not our primitive brains.

Hi Elizabeth

I am following your day by day progress with interest and when I say progress I mean it.

Well done so far.......

I see myself the first few days after 38 years smoking and this is my first attempt to quit.

I consider myself very lucky although I had my difficult days but more being cross with myself because I allowed nicotine to dominate my life and poison my body and brain.

That is why my half smoked packet of Cigarettes and lighter is still on top of my fridge in clear view so that I can show the Nicodemon that I will win this for once and all......

Week 1 to 2 I lost my "Zest" for life and actually was sorry for myself then started to eat healthier and take some supplements and suddenly week 3 to 4 I was ready to fight again....

Now just over week 5 and ready as can be for tomorrows challenges... The reward is so sweet......

Hang in there and you will succeed........!!!


Thank you Hercu. You're doing so well after long term smoking (like myself) and this being your first attempt. You must be very determined. I'm going to check out your earlier/starting posts. Have a great weekend.


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