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Have you cut down on Champix early?

Hi all :) On Champix, indigestion and waking up in the middle of the night is getting me down :-( I started on Champix late August and my STOP day was the 4th Sept. A couple of days ago I purposely missed my 8pm Champix pill. I felt a little better so have decided to take the bull by the horns and stop the pills altogether!!! If anybody has tried to do this I would love to hear of your experiences. My last pill was yesterday morning. It's 2.30pm now. I still have some wind indigestion. My craving does not seemed to have increased. I think I'm at the mental state of giving up meaning the physical reliance on nicotine has gone but my brain keeps on thinking I want to smoke. I WILL NOT SMOKE AGAIN!!! if absolutely necessary I will go back to taking Champix. I will try to keep this updated.

Take care all and good luck with stopping, Greg.

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Hi Greg,

I am on the Chantix as well and it has consistently made me really ill BUT I am continuing with it for the following reason: Last spring my quit was going well and I decided to stop the Chantix. Big mistake as the cravings tripled in intensity right away and I ended up smoking.

That said, I can't be sure your experience will be the same. Maybe you could try cutting down to one pill a day and see if that helps? I am thinking of doing that myself. :confused:

Keep me posted on what you decide.....


I was having weird reactions to Champix but the end result outweighed the effects.

Carried on for 2 months - was a bit concerned about weaning myself off, especially about using only half a pill per day.

But in the end I couldn't be bothered cutting the 1mg in half and gave up altogether - no worries :)


A big welcome from me too, Mr Fixit and well done for getting a month under your belt- that's mighty! :D

I'd agree with the advice to go with your instincts. I wasn't a Champix quitter- I used patches- but I felt I was ready to ditch them after a month and it worked for me. Whatever feels right is, indeed, the right way to go. If it starts to feel wrong you can always rethink and get back on the tablets.

May your second month go as smoothly and easily as it possibly can. :)



Hi,:) thank you everyone for your replies and support :) Very much appreciated.

I'm surprised I still have side effects this morning, I thought it would be instant relief. The one thing I didn't expect was the dramatic return of my taste buds. Previously I only noticed coffee tasted a bit odd. My dinner last night (Frozen beefburgers and chips) tasted like a Michelin 5 star meal.

I haven't had an increase in the desire to smoke YET! Maybe that will raise it's ugly head later. I will take it just 1 day at a time and deal with it.

I wish you all, a happy and smoke free day, Greg.


Hi Greg.

I started to slow down with the Champix around week 6 but please be aware that you'll hit week 7/8 (my case week 8) when all hell hits your body and you'll get really bad cravings out the blue. Keep the pills for that period.

Equally like my day yesterday I'm glad that I've got the pills to use for possible situations- like sitting in a car with 4 other smokers from Devon to London and back and driving through the night in my case! :D

But what ever works for you mate. It's your quit!!


I'll be watching for that

Hi Phil, many thanks for your post, that's just the kind of info I need

As they say "to be forewarned is to be forearmed"

I have a full 14 day pack all ready and waiting for such an emergency :D

Can anybody tell me if the Champix dosage is lowered towards the end of the course?


When all else fails... read the instructions.

Thanks for your posts.

To answer my own question (note heading) they don't lower the dose towards the end of the course. After researching here and elsewhere the general consensus seems to be it's better to lower the dosage yourself.

Thankfully I'm still not yet getting any adverse reaction to stopping Champix but it's early days yet.

Well that's one more day not smoking, I'm so chuffed :):):)


One of the things I love about this forum is you learn something new every day. Someone always knows something about whatever is raised. :)

That's fascinating Tea- thanks for explaining it so well. And Teflon- I think your metaphorical take on it makes perfect sense too.

Mr Fixit- well done! You're really cracking this. :)



Thanks for previous posts... I totally agree. It's 7.45PM and the craving is getting stronger. I will try to hold off until morning then think seriously whether I need to start pills again :confused::eek:

Roll on bedtime!!!



Yesterday was quite a bad day:eek: especially the evening but I survived both temptations.:) Had a good nights sleep and "Seriously thought about it" Conclusion... ready to do battle again today... (he said rushing off to hide in the wardrobe) :cool:


He's probably in Narnia by now. ;)



nope, Croydon actually, I don't know how I got there. No windows in wardrobe! Had nice day not much craving and the battle continues :)



Glad you had a nice day (whether in Croyden or Narnia :)) and hope today proves to be equally good.


thanks Skiddaw, yesterday was uneventful which under the circumstances is good news :)

I still have that little voice in my head trying to tempt me but it doesn't bother me anymore. I just laugh to myself and say "I'm a non-smoker now":):D:)


Many thanks Skiddaw, yesterday was uneventful which under the circumstances is good news :)

The severe craving has gone but I still have that niggling little voice in my head trying to tempt me but it doesn't bother me anymore. I just laugh to myself and say "I'm a non-smoker now":):D:) and then he goes up in a puff of smoke :p

Appropriate, don't you think!:)


Nice one Mr Fixit and very appropriate indeed :D

Hope today is crave-free. :)


Day 10 of no pills.

Well it seems I've accomplished my target of stopping using pills without too much trouble. I will report back here immediately if there's any change.

My personal tips for when the nicotine whisperer strikes.

Stop whatever your'e doing and do something else.

If possible go for a small walk.

Tell it "I'm a non-smoker now":)

If you did have a smoke it would only remove the whisperer for 30 minutes and then it would return with a Loud Hailer!!!:eek:

My favourite expression: "It's the next cigarette that kills you"

I think I would not have accomplished stopping smoking without the help of Champix. I've tried many times and failed.

It's a great help here chatting and reading other members triumphs and disasters.

Thank you for all your support.

I wish everyone a smoke free and happy future.:p:p:p:p:p:p:p


And the same to you Greg :)

So glad it's going well. I hope you're suitably proud of yourself. A nic-free future (at least another 57 years :D) awaits.

May your Sunday be a very happy one.


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