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84 days smoke free

Hi everyone.

Just a little update to let you all know how I am getting on. This is my 84 days smoke free. First 4 weeks on champix then that was it, it didn't agree with me. I have been so amazed with myself over the last 2 weeks I went to babysit 2 weeks ago got out of my car and slipped in mud and wet leaves and to cut a long story short have broken a bone In my lower leg. The break was unstable and needed surgery to put plate in. I am at home now and can't weight bare for awhile however back to hospital next Monday to have stitches out and a full cast and hopefully a walking boot. But I have to say surgery went well and recovery even better. Just prior to op the nurse was doing some checks and asked me if I smoked I very proudly told her I was 11 weeks smoke free and she said well done I can tell by your oxygen levels they care really good. Are bodies are wonderful, 40 years of smoking and they still go into repair mode. I have never looked for a cigerette during my recovery and feel strong enough now to know that I will never light up again. Thank you so much for all the support I have received on this forum especially when I was feeling so negative. Catch up soon. Annmarie

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hi Christopher123

I know ,sort of know your pain,my hubby broke his KNEECAP ,just split it in half. /cage thing for many months.,pinned together 😒

but you hung in,there 😁


hope you are on the mend 😁

take care 😁

keep kicking 😁


Ah Annmaire, so sorry to read of your injury and wishing you a full and speedy recovery. Really well done on your quit journey, think you have nailed it and its looking very solid indeed. When back on feet, plan a little treat for yourself, you totally deserve it :)

Keep in touch.....

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