Day 24 cold turkey, extreme fatigue help:(

I've never got this far ever before in a quit (1 week 2 weeks top!) so I am very happy with myself for where I am at the moment as I have so many reasons for wanting to ditch the fags and be free for good! I've also changed my eaten habits for the better by investing in a high powered smoothie machine which gets used daily with fruit and sometimes greens too:) aswell as exercising most days mainly cardio as I'm pretty into my jogging/running still as I write this post from my bed lifeless and motivationless I can't seem to drive myself to make a cup of tea let alone anything physical and I can't help but think it's a result of where I am in my quit, has anyone else felt the same round about this time? Also sorry I haven't posted in sooooooo long just been trying to motivate myself to get bc on track.

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  • Hey Nohassel - good to read an update from you and congrats on 24 days smoke free - take it you had a relapse as you last posted 6 months ago at the start of your quit

    The extreme fatigue you are describing may be that you are lacking in something, may be a trip to your doctor to get a blood check done may be necessary as you say you are eating well and exercising. Wishing you strength and success - keep us updated, you are doing very well :)

  • Thanks roisin yeah I did have a relapse and was pretty frustrated with myself if I remember right, still I've learned from it and although I feel lifeless at the moment I still feel pretty happy with thing's :) just managed to get out for a quick jog and that's definetely helped, I'll make contact with g.p as it will take out the what ifs, now.....time for a cold shower:)

  • Hi, I'm on day 40, I used NRT for the first 28days then stopped so I'm now on no nicotine either for the past 12 days. I've also been very tired, I didn't really notice it at first, but definitely from around day 20. I just seem to nod off in front of the tv around 5/6pm which is very unusual for me. Nicotine is a stimulant so maybe it's just a normal side effect of withdrawal but I agree with Roisin about seeing the doctor if you are concerned, I will be doing so if I still feel like this in a couple more weeks! Well done on the quit!

  • Hi Kelly, yeah it's a hard life:( haha but i definelty feel far less carvings now and aslong as I stay out of the pub for a few months till I get ust to my new life I can't ever see myself talking another puff! Which is good just which I had more energy, mornings are definitely worst I feel anyway, but thanks for support and post! well done to you to, keep us updated as will i :) starting to feel myself nodding of on couch now hehe :)

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