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Newbie here, Day 6 of cold Turkey


Morning all, I'm Dan, 27 from Stoke.

I'm currently on day 6 of being cold turkey, stopped for months previously on Champix but as soon as I stopped the tablets I started again.

This time feels different, I've just stopped and even though I have had immense cravings, I've stopped myself going to the shop.

I'm visiting the doctors today. I quit smoking on Friday last week due to having a cough for 3 weeks, doctor said it was a chest infection, but now I'm having shortness of breath, chest and back pain as well as abdominal cramps so I'm going back to see him! Hopefully it's just a side effect of quitting or ive picked up a little virus.

Look forward to sharing my story with you all.


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Hello Dan and well done for doing it CT. With a week under your belt you have gone through the worst part of the Nicotine withdrawal, no easy feat so have a huge pat on the back. Good to get your GP on board and I wish you every success

A very warm welcome from me, your showing who's boss, and yes those craves can be strong, just keep doing what your doing, the craves will become less, sending luck your way.

Look forward to your future posts doing great

Thanks guys, it's important for me to get checked out as I worry too much, and I think it will be Sod's law that I get some lung condition after a start the quitting process.

I booked to take my daughter and wife to disneyland in September, so I will be putting lots of the savings to the side to make sure my little one can do everything she wants.

Other than that, I like fishing so probably somew new fishing gear :D

Morning Dan and a big fat WELCOME to the forum from me too :D

Congratulations on your quit- I bet your wife and daughter are as proud as punch of you. And how lovely to have Disneyland to look forward to! You'll have heaps of extra spending money and the added bonus of not having to sneak out for a fag on a regular basis.

I expect the chest pains and other symptoms are related to your quit (all sounds horribly familiar) but it is good that you're going to get checked out by the Doc to be on the safe side.

I hope today goes really, really well and do keep posting.

All the best from me mate :)

Hi all,

I know what take me out is, it was kinda what I based my opener on.

Just back from the docs, basically said "well done for quitting, it will get better don't worry, your breathing is excellent"

Thanks for all the welcomes, I'll be here giving myself the mental boost I need to keep going!

Thanks again all for the kind words, feeling a lot better now I've been told I'm fine (must be subconscious) - if I'm honest ive had no cravings today at all.... Hopefully that continues and I can finally kick the habit. Starting at the gym soon so I can feel the changes more when breathing !

Still going strong guys, it's my last day In the 4-7 section, so i will be moving up the ladder :D

Again, thanks for the welcome, it is getting easier already I think.. And noticing my breathing is getting better... Waking up at 5am every morning but I don't mind as I feel more refreshed !

Well done my man. The breathing def does get better and will make it a much faster start when you start your training

Must admit, played squash tonight and felt 1000 times better than I did before. I could breathe, regain my breath much quicker and generally lasted longer! Good result

I see what you did there :D

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