No Smoking Day

Day 76 (or Day 1!)

Ok so yesterday I had a dark moment and bought a pack after 75 days clean. Smoked 4 and threw away the pack. Stopped using gum as I think it was messing with me. Today was not too bad but I am feeling that black moment coming up again but I really don't want to smoke but its this internal battle. To make matters worse yesterday I came clean to my wife which did not go down too well! Deep down I really want to smoke as I miss it but the rational self knows that I should not! Please don't batter me :)

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Hello ptr247 . Sorry to hear that you are having a hard time of it.

I think that the internal struggle you describe is also known as addiction. I know the feelings you describe very well indeed. Really, the only way through is to just try to keep going. The feelings do subside but all it takes is one single puff to fire everything back up again (voice of experience here)!

Don't buy anymore - however much you want to. It is so easy to relapse literally within hours.

Keep plodding on .

You can do this. ☺☺


hi ptr247

been there done that 😒

a couple of hours,a couple of fags 😒

id got 6 stupid

I started my stop again and have reached 6months.yeah

not going to start again.😁

don't feel to bad.but be honest with yourself.

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎


I feel your pain. Good job to throw them away. Start again and Believe in yourself. They say many people relapse. Don't beat yourself up. Just try again. Good luck, hope your darkness goes away.....😃


Sorry to read ptr247 - you have shown great strength and honesty coming on here and sharing with us which is a great sign and vital in our quits - my opinion would be to start again because if you are not firm/strict on yourself it will be very easy for you to do it again and again - but it is your choice, I would suggest that you are in the right mindset to do it and succeed no matter what - let us know you decide - we will be here to help and motivate you :)


Please read this post ptr247 posted a few hours before your above post :)


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