Bacon butty but no tab

So the morning after the night before. First of all, how good is it to wake up without a tight chest, a rumbling cough and a disgusting taste in your mouth. Decided that I needed a restorative bacon sandwich on the way to work which took me past where I used to stop each morning for a sneaky fag. Saw (and smelt) all of the usual suspects puffing away - had absolutely no desire to join them! So although I am feeling a little jaded after last night's few drinks I think that today is going to e a good day

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  • Fordy man!! You know I'm on a diet! ūüėÄ

    I could murder a bacon butty...but, like you, have no desire for a tab. Long may it continue. Good to hear you so upbeat this morning.

    Have a good Friday. I'm just about to tuck in to my delicious Muller Fruit Corner (109kcal). Mmmmm, delicious! 

  • Thanks Nozmo - sorry about the diet! I am sure that the Muller Fruit Corner is delicious (ps Had brown sauce on the bacon but a little bit dribbled down my chin!). Keep strong

  • What a delight to be ¬†reading your post this morning, so pleased all was well.

    Another hurdle covered,  a well earned bacon butty.


  • Thanks Tracey

  • Muller light, brought a big smile to my rather tired face this morning. ¬†Not least the fact of precise calories 109 ¬†

  • It didn't bring a smile to my face Tracey...not like a bacon sandwich would have done. If my diet fails I'm blaming Fordy.

  • Ohh.

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