No Smoking Day

Happy New Year!!

Hope all had a great Christmas! Mine was good, busy but that's okay😊 Didn't miss the smokes at all but it seems that since Tuesday the battle to not smoke is huge ...why?? I actually feel depressed....I do get encouragement from reading other people's posts. I think if it wasn't for this group I'd be smoking thanks to all of you😊

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Glad you got over Christmas ok, we are all doing great over this silly season - another week and you will be 3 months quit, how great will that feel to reach this milestone! Keep strong :)


Hello nadavat , glad you are well.

You are not the only one! My thoughts have been with smoking for quite a bit of the festive period as well. I almost feel as if something is missing. I know this is because last Christmas \New Year, I smoked. As this is a time of year when we get to treat ourselves with food\drink and so on, my brain also tells me that I should treat myself to a cigarette. I have been OK up until the holidays. Over the past few days, all I seem to see is people smoking and that includes husband. I can honestly say that once or twice I actually considered having a cigarette. It does not help that I have felt no benefits of quitting 5 months ago either. But still, we must not go backwards.

Don't let these feelings get you down. I think it is to be expected and quitting is just not as straightforward as we expect it to be. Just keep plodding along. This will pass. You have done so very well so far. Remember that you are not alone and that quitting smoking is a big deal. It is difficult but you have nonetheless done it and you have done it well.

Have a good New Year and if things get too much, post on here. ☺☺


Great honest post mushen I actually stayed in bed today until 02:30pm just to get me through a serious craving I had - really missed smoking and didn't help that I had my routine smoking dream - was smoking like a train in it but hiding it from everyone, really knocked me - it must be the whole 'one won't matter and can start again in the new year' - I'm grand now - heroes and celebration chocolates with cheap proscecco have been my life saver to get through this :D - roll on the detox next week!


Yeah I know what you mean!! In a way it will be good to get back to normal next week.

I hope you have a wonderful New Year and thank you for your support during 2016. Very much appreciated indeed. ☺


Same to you mushen and thanks to you too for all your support :)


Your doing great :) 👍

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hi nadavat

Christmas and old habits 😒 so hard at times.

it's the patterns we have to connker.

I had a panicking moment Christmas eve.felt id lost something or forgot something ❓

was the fact every year for 40 years id run to shop to get enough fags to last me over holidays,silly nostalgia.even felt bit sad ❓

any have a good new year 😁

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎


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