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No Smoking Day
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Happy New Year!

Hey ya'll and Happy New Year! Okay so I know I am 3 days late in saying so, but man I am so glad to have a clean slate for 2018. Last year on this day I was still a smoker, but the awesome thing is, this year I am not and I get to have a remarkable upcoming year (not to mention money in my wallet) to look forward to!

I believe I am leveling out as far as my cravings, anger, food binging and weight gain goes. My bloating is not as bad, and I can actually skip lunch (not recommended for everyone) without freaking out and getting hangry. Don't get me wrong I love food now, but now I am not reliant on it to get through tough times.

I am so very thankful for this community always being there and for all the people who share and encourage me to keep trucking on. God Bless! Smoke free is the way to be :)

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Happy New Year to you. Better late than never! Always good to see your posts and know what's a coming. Fantastic to know the hangries are less and things are leveling.

Ive gained and looking to nip that in the smoke free butt asap.

It IS great to start this year w a clean slate. Almost caved , but so wanted that 3month badge & to never have to wait another 3months to get there. Whew! What a ride.

Again thanks for the look ahead to next 3 months and stay strong You're doing this beautifully.

May each day free become easier and find us more calm in our own smoke free skin :)

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I love your positive attitude! keep up the great work and it is awesome that you said no to that craving. I find that having a no smoking app on my phone as well as this group helps me to stay on track. Congrats on the three months! It is a huge deal. I make a point to reward myself each month I stay quit. Last month I took my daughter out to eat and told her why we were celebrating. She was happy to be there and super happy that I am an x smoker. Anyway, keep going strong and I will too. God bless!


Happy New Year to you and well done for staying quit - you're doing really well.

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Thanks! Congratulations on your week of being smoke free! Hang in there, it gets easier with time and the right mind set. Stay close to the community. God bless!


Good to hear from you SheenaL - looks like 2018 is starting off great for you as you appear to be in a great mindset and happy in your journey, keep fighting and the guard up and congrats again making our VC club ;)

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Thank you so much for the opportunity!


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