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No Smoking Day
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Day six

So day six of no smoking. All going great. Recognising the cravings but not giving in to them. Planning on putting other things in place like drinking green tea. Need to form new habits. Aware of the pitfalls and danger areas . So today it will be walking past the news agents on way to work, cutting down on coffee, doing something else during breaks. Must admit got a thumper of a head ache

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Good morning Icymind and well done on reaching day 6. Just take it one day at a time and keep your guard up. In sounds like you are in a good frame of mind which is half the battle. I think headaches are a normal side effect of quitting as well. Lots of people experience them.

Keep going strong!! 😃


Welcome Icymind and congratulations on 1 week smoke free, that is a huge achievement, well done!

Yeah, the headaches are a common symptom (see below post if not already read). I would suggest cutting out coffee completely until you are comfortable in your quit as can cause the cravings and also the headaches.

We look forward to reading your progress :)

PS Huge well done too on giving up during a very difficult time of year at Christmas, that will stand to you and shows your determination and strength, keep it up!


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