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Week. Six wow

Moving on to week 6 got out from under the addiction of nicotine it's all coming tru made thru all the norm withdraws can not be leave not smoking and I can go thru the day without my plans so I can get my fix like I cared about any one else when I smoked the. Nicotine it's so sad that the drugs we take in coversup the smoke the STINK the way we got to get the crap in our lung so bad any thing to just get a drag 40 plus years under the control of a bunch of rotin Greece balls corporations that don't car how to get Rich and stay there oh lord help me stay off the drug of nicotine . Get a web site forums to get that crap off the shelves the people involve in jail and Uncle Sam shame on you . Thank you folks for all your time on this site that helped me to get to SIX WEEKS dp338

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Well done. 6 weeks is an amazing achievement and by no means, an easy ride.

Keep tour guard up and keep going strong.

Well done 😃😃


Dp.. Congrats on six weeks.. You have nailed it !!


well done Hidden. can you just confirm your quit date for your future milestone badges?


well done Dp338, fantabulous quit, stay strong!😊


Well done 6 weeks is awesome .keep going and get another 6 weeks under your belt. Keep it one day at a time or even one hour at a time. Dont let the corporations beat you .or the taxman.


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