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Day 3 look sickly and tired

I am quitting smoking cold turkey. I'm 38 years old. I just started day 3. I feel exhausted and my reflection in the mirror is freaking me out! I look like a zombie my eyes are so heavy and I have pale skin and dark puffy circles. Even my kids are asking are you okay mommy? I feel very tired as I tossed and turned all night and I woke with nausea as well and sneezing. I feel lethargic and light headed. No I don't believe it is a flu virus.

One of my main focus goals to encourage me to quit was gaining weight, healthy appetite, being able to be strong enough to lift weights and looking healthier and losing the pale skin and eye circles so this is all very discouraging.

Can everyone give me practical tips to push through this stage asap and cope with the physical symptoms. When did things start to turn around for you and did you look like death at the beginning and how long till that turned into a healthier glow with less bags? 😊 Thank you everyone

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Hello and welcome.

Well done on reaching day 3 - this is something of an achievement so however rough you are feeling, try to keep this in mind. It takes 3 days for the nicotine to leave your body.

Everything you describe is pretty much normal. Don't expect to be feeling fantastic straight away. We all experience a range of symptoms but they do get better.

As for the healthier glow, well it can take 3 months before your skin looks better. Do not be put off. All of this will pass. For now, try to concentrate on getting through each day if necessary one hour at a time.

Have a look at the short videos on This may not sound appealing but they are brilliant and will take you through every day of the first two weeks. There is nothing they do not cover.

In the meantime, know that you are not alone. Quitting is hard going and support is vital. We are all here if you need us so post when you feel the need.

You're doing great! Just keep plodding along. You are going to be fine! ☺☺

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Hello Debrobert, sorry to hear you're feeling rotten. This article might help explain some of the symptoms...

Not sleeping can't be helping either so it's no wonder you don't look your best. Also, you may be exaggerating how bad you actually look as self confidence is often at rock-bottom during the first few days.

The only advice I can give is to keep going and it will get easier. It isn't a smooth ride but on the whole it does, gradually, get better. Read some of the posts from old-timers like me, mushen, Putter, RoisinO1, Tracey3 and Thinlizzy54 to see how we felt at the start of our quits.

Almost forgot...I did notice a definite improvement in my skin after about three months. In general I just usually tend to avoid looking in mirrors these days :-)

Other people have really noticed big improvements in the way they look and feel so I hope you get some good positive replies.


Belated welcome Debrobert to our community and congratulations on your 1st big milestone of 1 week, hope you are treating yourself today.

I can't offer any more of the helpfull advice mushen and nozmo gave you above other than if struggling come on here and post - it really does help.

We look forward to reading your progress and updates....


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