No Smoking Day
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So crazy that i just saw that im wearing two patches!!!

Maybe thats the reason for my huge panic attack tonite??? Cravings are under control but my brain is surely out of control. Screaming about it like this helps. Feel a bit better already, . I can do this. I can do this. A good cry would b great but i dont feel like crying, its 3:17 am here so i cant go for a walk. Need to knock myself out!

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Stay Positive Kathyd7192, you can do it :)


How is things now Kathyd7192? Ah you brought back memories for me 13 months ago when I began this journey, what you are going through is perfectly normal as the brain begins its re-wiring, I can honestly say what got me through this 'mad woman' stage which lasts a couple of weeks but does get better as each day passes was posting here, buckets of ice cold water, deep breathing and cleaning, I literally scrubbed the house from top to bottom, it worked, I swear to god!

Reading and researching on addiction and quitting is so valuable in our quits too - or even just reading our profiles and journeys of members here that are well into their quits to see our struggles and how we got through them.

I am here working on assignments all afternoon so post or message me anytime....


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