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Day 8 - cravings

Hello ! Would like to hear any success and struggles/slip ups stories! How did you all get back on the band wagon and tackle those cravings plus dust yourselves off and continued after slip up. Im on day 8 going on day 9. Feel very anxious from time to time amd yes cravings come and go like crazy. Btw.. I went cold turkey. No quit smoking aids. A different method - i have tried all the other methods and didnt work

I guess different method works for different people ! Fingers crossed.

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Welcome to our community Wildangel and congratulations on over 1 week smoke free! I too gave up cold turkey over 13 months ago and never looked back. Its a roller coaster of a journey but worth all the blood, sweat and tears to feel the best I have felt in over 25 years. I chose cold turkey to get the nicotine out of my system as quickly as possible - 3 days it takes cold turkey. I need to work on getting fitter and trimmer but one goal at a time :)

With regards, slip ups, in my opinion, you should begin your quit again from Day 1 (have to be strict to stop you from slipping up again) and should do it immediately after your relapse to avoid Mr Nico getting back into your brain.

We look forward to reading your progress!


Perseverance... On the old forum. I used to have "forever quitter" under my user name!

I quit so many times that I cannot honestly remember how many any more...and relapsed as many more!... Until the day I got fed up with quitting and said to myself that I'll do whatever it takes but smoking is not an option.

I quit last year in September using champix, I also used a lot of natural supplements in particular magnesium and gabba supplements, which by the way really works...

So basically... Whatever it takes but smoking is NOT an option! 😀


The first couple of weeks are always a trial and it's hard to keep your mind off the fact that you're no longer smoking. That's how it was with me and I've had more attempts at quitting than I care to remember.

It is different for all of us though but if we really want to quit more than we want to smoke then we can do it - and we do get used to it and even come to realize that life can be even better without it.

Just watch out for what's always been my downfall, the silly little triggers that make you feel you can't manage without just one more cigarette. I'm talking about those minor things that crop up now and again but at the time seem to be so stressful. Those are the times when thoughts of smoking appear like magic so watch out for them and don't give in. The cravings will pass and the situation will always resolve itself whether we smoke or not.

To be honest though I think I was one of those people who actually looked for an excuse to smoke even though I desperately wanted to stop doing it - crazy or what!

I can say with absolute honesty that my life is so much better now that I'm no longer smoking and this comes from someone who's not afraid to admit that in some misguided way I thought it brought me some pleasure. I was a closet smoker who only smoked in the privacy and secrecy of my back garden in all weathers - what an idiot I was now I think back.

Keep going and try to distract yourself from trying too hard with your quit. It does get easier as each day goes by. Just keep reminding yourself that quitting smoking is probably the best personal thing any of us smokers have ever done for ourselves.

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Well done to you! Love the encouragement and really appreciate it. My mind sometimes says 'why quit, you can breathe better now', or 'it's boring without smoke' .. but I know its all lies! Life is good - dont need smoke. Thank god for this forum and people like yourself who continue to inspire with owns success. :)


Fingers crossed for u! Day 4 going on 5 and all i can manage to do so far is vent here! Ughhhh. I feel ur pain!


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