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Back to normal

All our visitors have gone home, been a hectic summer for us as one set of visitors went another arrived. Been fun though seeing our lovely family. Had some hairy moments as most of my family smoke, it's been a big temptation not to have a smoke with them, but I have come too far now to give in. It's been a roller coaster ride getting to 6 months smoke free, hope the next six are easier, I'm sure they will be. I have another great grandson, born 4 weeks ago, the 3rd this year, and 7 in total, so Christmas is going to be expensive, good job I've saved some money from not smoking otherwise my purse would be crying lol. My beautiful little grandson who lives here in Spain had his 2nd birthday in July, was able to spoil him too. Life is so much better smoke free, more money, more energy, don't smell awful. Well worth any pain I suffered in the beginning. Don't use my ecig now and I have managed to take off most of the weight I gained.

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Great post Jean - you have come through the full circle, well done! The next 6 months will definitely be easier, my cravings now are really just mild nostalgic ones and pass by very quickly.

Congratulations on your new great grand child. Enjoy every minute you spend with them! Keep up the great work, you are doing fantastic :)


Well done on getting to 6 months and resisting the temptation. Its always a test in different situations but you made it. Well done on shifting the extra lbs too which is never easy either.


Well done on reaching 6 months, this is a major achievement. Excellent about quitting the e-cig also.

Keep going. You have done an amazing job. 😊


Hello Jean,

It always seems strange to me when you say you had a few "hairy" moments as you seem very pragmatic, and as calm and cool as a cucumber about the whole thing. It's good to see you so settled in your quit. Enjoy the relative peace and quiet....and the extra cash!


Hi Nozmo oh if only I was as cool as a cucumber, but I am a stubborn old bird was never going to give in to that evil little nicodemon, but I have had to kick his ass a few times. Glad your doing good too.


hi Abuelajeannie

what a success.what a achievement.

how much satisfaction have you got now.

so much better is life without smoking.

you take care 😃

keep kicking 😎


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