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3 weeks on champix 19 days cig free

Hi all

Iv been on champix for 3 weeks now and havnt had a full cig for 19 days for the first 3 of those days i tried but felt ill after a couple of puffs i still get the craving for one now but suck on a mint instead

but over the last week i have been struggling to go to the toilet i have been very windy down there but nothing else i eat plenty veg drink water and walk my dog 3 times a day but still nothing going to pharmacist on monday

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Vitamin water will help. Im taking the same medicine too and am on day 19. I drink about a case of water a week. In the morning now i drink one water and go to the bathroom. Its funny....i hate water but now cant get enough of it.

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Welcome KathieO and congratulations on now 20 days smoke free, well done!

Perhaps create a new introductory post and share your story :)


Welcome to our community Carlislekitten - toilet issues can be common withdrawal when we stop, pharmacist should be able help seeing as you are eating plenty of veg, water and walking.

Keep in touch with us, you are doing great!

PS Can you confirm how long you are smoke free for your milestone badges - exact stop date?


My quit date is Oct 11th. This is my 5th time quitting. 4th time taking Chantix. chantix doesnt work like the first time. I feel all the withdrawls and cravings. The med does help with those. I feel different this time so this may be the "one".

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Why you call your stop date stupid, it is the best day and decision of your life!!

Hopefully this is 'the one' - I quit cold turkey over 2 years ago on my 3rd attempt, wishing you strength, stay close to us :)


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