2 calendar months

Very pleased to reach another milestone.

I'm still finding out how much damage nicotine addiction does to us on every level.

I am so glad to be free

Today was the first day I can say I had zero episodes of craves. I've discovered over this past week the extent to which smoking masked the severity of a recently diagnosed auto-immune thyroid disease ....I really had no idea I was so sick; I dread to think where I would have ended up if I hadn't quit when I did. Yes, this week's revelations have wiped out any remaining psychological addiction I had left.

Things can only get better

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  • Lulu.. Congratulations on two months..It is huge and you are really winning ... Yes, things will get better...!!

  • Congratulations LuLu! Great mindset and remember the body is a great healer but it takes time but in a few months you will really see how better things are :)

  • Hi RoisinO1 i am working hard now to get well. Now I have a better understanding of what was making me feel so unwell I now have good ideas on how to get well.


  • wow, I want to congratulate you as well! incredible progress on a difficult healing journey! I'm new ex-smoker still endeavoring to view my new smoke-free experiences as healing opportunities.

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