Smiling and waving!


WOW the forum is looking smashing :) So good to see familiar and new faces still supporting each other.

I just popped in because I realised the other day I'm approaching a year and a half since my quit date, and at last, at long long last, there are whole weeks or perhaps even more when I don't even low-key hanker for a fag :)

That's all really - a big wave to my old quitting chums, good luck to those still fighting or just beginning the process. It can be done, and the rewards are so wonderful.

Happy weekend!

Love IncyWincy xxx

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  • Hiya Incy! good to hear that you're still going strong and reaping the rewards. I'm at almost seven months now and still having the odd difficult time but it's mostly okay.

    Thanks for posting and letting everyone know that there's light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

  • Hi Nozmo!

    SO much light at the end of the tunnel - I've managed to focus on my health and fitness to the extent that I've competed in two triathlons and a half marathon this year which would never have been possible before!

    Keep fighting through the difficult times, you've done amazingly xxx

  • Aha, hence the profile picture change! That's brilliant Incy - very impressed!

  • Teehee, yep, it's funny how I've now done things that, as a lazy smoker, I'd practically never heard of! The picture was to show AnnMarie74 , who I hope is still lurking somewhere...are you there AnnMarie?

  • Ah Incy_Wincy, you have made my day! So great to hear from you - your are looking amazing! Great inspiring post, thank you so much for sharing with us.

    I am 2 weeks from 11 months quit so will be joining you in the Penthouse very soon, Hercu is busy preparing for the party!

  • RoisinO1 wow that nearly-year seems to have flown by - I'll flick a duster round the penthouse for you and Hercu! Looks as though you're doing sterling work here, well done! xxx

  • Thanks Incy! Inspiring about your fitness, congratulations!

    (Not sure about Annmarie, don't think she has been around in a good while)

  • hello Incy_Wincy

    I think you left as I came .

    is great you came back to say hello.

    yes our RoisinO1 is doing a fantastic job.

    your old mates Hercu Nozmo both give great

    (iv just had a stupid.silly few hours) now I'm starting again.

    nice to hear from you.

    take care 😊

  • I do remember you Thinlizzy54 -there was a slight crossover before I headed for the hills! Keep on keeping on - you'll get there :) Glad you guys have all got such a great network going on here these days xx

  • keep popping in.

    it's great support for


    and show's it can be done

    take care 😊

  • I never really meant to just sort of fell off my radar. I will try harder! Hope you have a good weekend xx

  • you too.

    take care 😊

  • Incy_Winky...Thank you for cheerful post and reassurance of the lovely healthy live in the Penthouse...!

  • It's so nice up here :)

    And there's plenty of room for everyone!

  • Lovely positive post there Incy_Wincy which I sure will inspire others to keep going!

  • Great post and thanks for sharing!

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