My buddy and are are going to Rio

We can do, star jumps, bum jumps, heading the ball, and we can run round the trampoline, but best of all I, if I use all my strength, I have sneaked a few glances at my other neighbours gardens, . Well it a huge surprise, not least as I thought hoovering your pretend lawn, with a dyson was bad. ( other machines available) but I just have to say, as I'm progressing in the height of my jumps, next door but one, has a old tin shelter, I guess from the war, it's a tin arch thing, there's a lot more to trampolining, than first thought.

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  • Very good Tracey, hope ye both get gold! Got very excited when initially seen the title. I would so love a picture of the 2 of ye jumping, would say it is just priceless (in every sense of the word). Enjoy! :)

  • Good stuff Tracey - sounds like you and little buddy are having oodles of fun on that trampoline! Might have to get me one to have a nose at my new neighbours lol ... bet I won't find anything to beat the pretend lawn or tin shack though!

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