Thank you! & Good reading

Hi All

I really want to just say thank you so much to you all. I'm so pleased I joined this forum, and I doubt very much I'd have made it so far without your help.

The fact that complete strangers can have so much time, compassion and patience for each other is truly remarkable, and all that for the greater good of living healthy lives.

When the cravings are in full swing it is an enormous support just logging in, reading someone else's experiences, posting something......and then the craving has passed :)

I found this website today. While there is a lot of great reading out there, I particularly enjoyed this one

Again, thank you and keep strong!

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  • hi Andrewquits

    what a post.a fantastic boost to all of us on here.

    so I thank you 😊

    were all here.we all got one stop smoking 🚬

    you have made the best decision ever to stop smoking.

    you can use this site to ask questions.get advice or just to let of steam.

    there's someone about.(most of time)

    keep positive.keep postings 😆

    take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • It's always lovely when some one thanks some one else, this is a United forum, with ooooh so many wonderful, and knowledgable people ( I certainly am not including me) but just wanted to say, your doing amazing, just keep going,

    Doing great, keep posting

  • Well I am including you Tracey, and I suspect everybody else would!

  • Too right Nozmo

  • That's what we're all here for! Glad it's helping.

    RoisinO1, a good one for pinning? Loads of great stuff in that link. Thanks for sharing Andy.

  • We're all striving for the same, glad your doing well

  • Thank you and you are very welcome Andrewquits, you have a great attitude and will stand to you.

    I am going to copy this link and create a pinned post for it, thanks for sharing it :)

  • Andrew that is very kind but you are as much part of this family as anyone else. It is remarkable how a bunch of strangers who have never met can provide so much support to each other. Gives you faith in humanity. Great post and great link too. You sound as if your mind-set is spot on - keep strong

  • Well said I feel the same I am so grateful for this site

  • Day 4 Andrewquits , how are you finding it? Nicotine now out of your system, mental battle starts now as your brain begins to re-wire. Keep up your great mindset....

  • Doing great thanks RoisinO1 !

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