In a dip


At work, and having a dip.

Just generally feeling yucky, and having trouble concentating....Getting up and having a walk around the factory is helping, as is drinking a lot of water.

At the end of the day, the grotty feeling I have now pales in significance to the nasty illnesses waiting if I had carried on smoking.

Rant over, thanks for listening!

Keep strong all!

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  • Andrew, I am very familiar with what you are describing. There were many times at the beginning of my quit where I really struggled at work - time dragged, I felt absolutely exhausted and found it really hard to focus. It was during this period that I would adopt Nozmo 's strategy of making numerous unnecessary loo trips - often just to splash some water on my face. However hard it seems you can get through each day just taking an hour at a time and in a while it will get much, much, easier. As you say drinking loads of water helps (and gives further excuses for trips to the loo!) as does going for a quick stroll. You are doing really well - stick at it!.

  • Highly recommended! Just tell everyone you have cystitis.

  • Perfectly normal Andrewquits, lack of concentration and feeling just unwell, it will pass in a couple of days, keeping drinking the water and deep breaths, bit of fresh air too if you as often as you want, this forum was a life saver in the early stages of my quit :)

  • You're doing the right things Andy...try to keep as busy as possible, when a craving hits, try to remove yourself from the situation and go for a walk, drink, chat, anything. Not always easy when at work I know...

    Same goes for when you get home...stay busy, post on here, go for a walk with the dogs. If you get angry/low/emotional it's perfectly normal. If it all gets too much go to bed. Seriously, it's a great strategy.

    You're doing well. Rant as much as you want.

  • drinking water is good andrew, but you might want to drink some fruit juice as your blood sugar is prob low and that will make it hard to concentrate.

  • Yep spot on. Nicotine takes over your blood sugar release system and it takes a few days for your body to remember how to do it properly without nicotine.

  • Andrew Q...I called it "The wrath of the Nicodemon" He knows he is losing you as a slave and is bombarding you with all the curve balls available...This is the total "Blah" the going around like a de-tuned radio..Frantically trying every thing to get tuned... Just stay strong and concentrate on the positives.....Strongs !!!!

  • Thanks to everyone for your advice's helped a lot having you all here.

    Back home now and not feeling too bad. Ready to take on the after dinner demons!

    I'm winning, Nico is day at a time

  • Get in! Nico loses 1-0 in extra time

  • Forgot to mention...

    Get a stop smoking app for your phone or PC (if you don't already have one)

    It really helps to see how your health and bank balance is improving. A few of us have rewarded ourselves with the money we would have spent on RoisinO1's holiday and Hercu's jet ski. It's an extra incentive to keep going and has definitely helped me along the way.

  • Thanks for the tip Nozmo.

    I got an app, but during one of my dark moments today I decided to make my own one in Excel (I get a bit geeky with computers) . It kind of felt that by doing that, I was sticking the finger up to Nico! Try as he may to tempt me, I just kept on building this tool hah!

    It's great to see your progress. Already 47 fags not smoked, 10€ saved!

    Im not sure what I'm saving for yet, if anything......I'm just savouring the thought that I am quitting smoking. Only day 2, and a long way to go but I know I can do this.

  • There you go, even better when it's made with your own fair hands (apart from the one I tried to create in Excel, which was terrible!)

    Great attitude you have.

  • Hi Andrewquits, you are doing an amazing job. Everything you have explained is completely normal and will pass soon. Hang in there. It is so worth it :)

  • Thx welshgirl84 It was tough going today, but day 2 is drawing to a close and I'm feeling a lot better.

    PS. I am also a Welsh boy, born in 1975 hahahah. Whereabouts are you from? I'm from Pembrokeshire, have lived in the Netherlands for the last 16 years.

  • Andrewquits. Now that is mad I'm a Cardiff lad. I too live in the Netherlands for 3 years. In a place called Noorddijk, loved it and would definitely go back one day ;)

  • Hahahaha, thats really quite mad....small world :)

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