family holiday

My family arrived for their holiday. Yesterday was fun but hectic with 4 young children and 6 adults to feed and entertain. They stayed around our house yesterday, enjoying the sun and pool. I think I was too busy to give smoking a second thought even though there were ciggies out on the table, wasn't even tempted. We're all off to the beach today so a bit more relaxing day for me, at least till dinner time.

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  • Abuelajeannie, now Jean, I knew you could do it! Keep it up, you're doing fantastic!

    Well for you heading to the beach, the glorious weather we had for the last 3 weeks broke today, very dark and grey with damp soft rain (us Irish and our weather lingo, if Carlsberg done best weather lingo, we would probably be the best in the world :) )

  • Good job :)

  • Jean, that is great news. I wondered if they might keep you too busy to think about having a cigarette. Very jealous about the weather - it has been damp, grey and miserable for the last few days here

  • Jean, well done ...Still very awkward for me sitting on the beach and not smoking but the best of all is I enjoy it more this way....Enjoy it and have fun...!

  • That's awesome news Abuelajeannie - sometimes I think the fear of a new situation as a non-smoker is more challenging than the actual situation itself. So jealous of being at the beach! Hope you had a great time (I think I'm a bit late to this post lol) ...

  • Glad your enjoying family and not tempted to smoke😀😀😀😀

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