One word........ EPIC

One word........ EPIC

day at Guns n Roses - it really was incredible to see a band 25 years older perform even better than they did back in '92, yeah they have aged (especially Axl) but god they put on some show and rocked Slane to the core. Picture attached(zoomed in) is a legend, he was pure class yesterday and highlight for me was the godfather intro to Sweet Child of Mine - he is minus the cigarette in his mouth Nozmo , just like me too, had a few cravings for just one for old times sake but shrugged off ok - one minute the smell was lovely of them and other times the smell made me feel sick.

Going to take me a week to recover but so worth it :D

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  • Great picture and you're right...he's sans cigarette!! I wonder if he's packed in? He may have been among us, on this forum, under a pseudonym!

    Glad you got through it with flying colours. There's nothing like a good blow out once in a while.

  • Hes off the booze too - think 6 years now - fair play to him :)

  • I'm glad you enjoyed Roisin. I hope you brought the band some baked goods :)

    A gorgeous day here, my atrocious round of golf didn't even mar it.

  • Yeah, got an order for my Guinness brown bread, Axl loved it :P

  • things do get better with age 😁

    glad you had a great time 😁

    take care 😊

  • Thanks Lizzy, still recovering!

    Any word on your sons bike and how are you?

  • How are you Thinlizzy54 ?

  • Fantastic!!! Brilliant image and result 😊 well done Roisin!

  • Looks fantastic Roisin - had a few friends go down too, kicking myself now for not going - also well done on not giving in to a cig, if like me it's going to be a daily battle which I will always have to have my guard up as I know that one puff will be all it takes to be back on them again and it's just not worth it - I even noticed how I used to like the smell and now it is turning my stomach as I was leaving a shop yesterday with my daughter and caught a wiff off a cig and I said oh god that's going to make me sick the smell - and she said mummy that's the way you always used to smell -(

  • All in the past now for us Rosie :)

  • Roisin...I am GREEN.....You are so lucky to see this guys live...That I imagine was 10 x the pleasure I have paddling on a calm day...!

    The recovery experience will be nice as well because you know what you are recovering from..Total full life pleasure...!!

  • It was everything and more Hercu and as always so rightly put about the recovery :) We are having glorious warm weather at the moment, just a few blips when it rains when it shouldn't like at Guns n Roses after having 2 weeks of sunshine, but stopped in time just before they performed! Hows the family and the weather, are ye getting the much needed rain?

  • I believe it was huge Roisin.....Rain ??? sadly still avoiding us but surving with all the bitterniss accompanying the drought...Production loss, Job losses...and as we speak I am planning which plantations to kill..(No more irrigation) Might lose about 200 ha of our total 500 ha.... Terrible but reality...!!

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