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Sunny Saturday

It is a gorgeous sunny day down here in the South. Been doing the usual kind of things you do on a sunny weekend - had a haircut, got the car washed. Am really enjoying my quit at the moment. I noticed that the woman in the barbers who cut my hair had obviously just been out for a cig break. Had never realised that she smoked before - probably because I smelt just like she did. Just felt pleased that I am not that person anymore. Then was sat in the sun while my car was being washed - the person next to me was having a cig. Previously it would have been a time that I would definitely have had one myself - really did not have any desire to have one at all though. Then had the pleasure of getting into my clean smelling car knowing that it would not have the whiff of an ashtray within a day or two. Am out at a black tie thing tonight when I would usually get through a whole packet of fags. Without wanting to tempt fate I am feeling strong and confident that I will get through this next test.

Off to clean the BBQ now. Have a good weekend everyone - for those in the early stages of their quits, it definitely does get easier and is definitely worth it. Enjoy the sun everyone (apart from Hercu for whom I hope there is torrential rain!)

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Fordy, your post is depressing on two fronts

1- you've got nice weather

2- you've got hair

I don't have either of these things! Grey and cold up here, about the only place in the uk that is.

Seriously though, it's great to read your positive post. Have a nice day, enjoy the weather and have a great smoke free night!


Great post Fordy, you really are doing so well, keep it up!  So jealous (again, very jealous I am!!) that ye have good weather, bought paint, charcoal for the bbq after work yesterday, had high hopes1

I hear ya Nozmo !   Ireland too is a wash again, just posted there, all the tabloids here publishing their usual heatwave sh**te, tomorrow was suppose to over 20 degrees!!

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Great post FordyP and great attitude to your quit.  I hear you on the smell of smokers.  I hate being around smokers or areas where people smoke (like outside the supermarket!) 'cos of the smell - absolutely vile and the thought of me stinking like that has saved my quit on several occasions.  Once I realised, I apologised profusely to my kids that I'd inflicted my stink on them - thankfully I never smoked in the house but still managed to stink up the place!  I'm sure you'll manage fine tonight - don't doubt yourself for a second!


hi FordyP .

yes I agree.let it pour down for Hercu .yeah

for all newbies hercu lives in Africa and needs rain.

our weather is excellent.long awaited.

fordy.what a grey post.i sometimes smile to myselth that you smell and that used to be me.NOT anymore 😆

enjoy rest of your weekend everyone 😊

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎


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