So last night had the first stressful test son broke his ankle playing rugby at school ( he's fine apart from that ) but had to navigate my way through city centre to get to A & E and spend another 5 hours getting sorted !! Could have eaten a cig at half 11 last night when I'd left the house for work at 8.30 yesterday morning ...........but I didn't !!! yaaayyyyy sooo happy

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  • Yvette, sorry to hear about you son's ankle but brilliant that you managed to get through such a difficult situation without having a cigarette. Hope that he gets better soon

  • also  couldn't afford to £10.80 to park at the bloody hospital - robbing sods

  • The car parking charges at hospitals are criminal!

  • I'm with you there - charges are extortionate, especially since they have brought in that new ultra-confusing Parking Eye system.

  • I'd forgotten about hospital car parking charges in UK free here.  Well done though on not smoking after the trauma.

  • And may I say, so very happy you should be, a real turning point for you,  to be waiting  and waiting for reasults, in our ever pressured health service, indeed knowing  the fact, that at any one moment in time, you could have had a sneaky smoke out side, with the rest of all the worried people, but no Yvette you stood tall, held out and are reaping the rewards.

    My little black book has just opened on the page with your name saying, amazing, fantastic, brilliant.

    So pleased your boy has no serious injury, a broken ankle is indeed not good but will heal.

    I do hope a little treat is deserved for both.

    Well done

  • Tracey, I love your little black book!

  • hi yevette

    .hows your lad.

    hope all is well.

    take care

    keep kicking 😎

  • He's doing fine thanks Lizzy - got one of those boots on so much better than a cast ( can take it off for a bath ) He's only 13 so young enough to heal quickly ..

    How are you doing - I can't believe we are all still going strong with the non smoking  ! I truly didn't think I'd last a day ....

  • we are brilliant.were winning the smoking demons 😈

    I glad he's ok.does he want to play again ha

    .keep strong

    take care

    keep kicking 😎


  • He plays for a club outside school and yes can't wait to get back on the pitch .. we had to go on Sunday to watch them ( even though he couldn't play ! ) going again this Sunday x

  • lad had several visits to hospital.he'd had enough.

    I'm sat here looking out the window.hailstones.cold.

    horrlble weather.cant believe we wanted to stand outside smoking.


    take care

    keep kicking 😎

  • That was a BIG test Yvette - well done on passing it! I relapsed under similar circumstances a few years ago so I know how stressful it is.

  • Well done Yvette, you have overcome a huge difficult and stressful situation, that is brillant, hope your son makes a full and speedy recovery....

  • hi yvette

    great not giving in at the hospital with your son in paid.ive been there but with elbows

    my lad stoped playing after what 9-10 A E visits.ha

    parking is indeed daylight robbery ,legal robbery.

    you did good.hope your lads ok

    take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • Hey Yvette2016, how are you keeping? 100 Days Smoke Free today! Congrats...

  • hi Yvette2016

    how are you 😊

    what's been happening.

    hope your ok 😊

    take care 😊

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