Day 18

So day 18 has dawned. Feeling much better today - more energy than for quite a while. Cravings have been much less frequent. I think that my biggest difficulty is when I am tired and bored and the day drags. Popping out of work for a cigarette broke the day up and somehow made it easier. But gradually I am getting used to the new routine. Tonight will be another challenge though as I am due to be out with a bunch of guys for a few drinks - quite a few of them smoke and we all know what the effects of the booze can be. My plan is to only have a couple and to stay resolute!

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  • Almost 3 weeks Fordy, that means you are almost over the physical battle.   Enjoy your night out smoke free, you are aware of the potential trigger so will be ready to attack, if your friends know you are quit you will be surprised by the encouragement and support from them....let us know how you get on...

  • Fordy..Almost 3 weeks is cracked it but be careful tonight and hope your friends respect your quit....You have been a winner so far and stay on this path.... Stay strong !!

  • Good idea taking it easy on the drink Fordy. The "just one won't do any harm" attitude definitely comes into play after a skinful. Been there!

  • Nozmo, I think that you are dead right - the "just one" mentality is what causes the problem. It always leads to the road to ruin. I have to keep focussed on how annoyed I would be with myself if I failed now

  • aye, just one will lead to waking in the morning smelling of smoke and beating yourself up crying Why oh why? all for 3 mins of smoking.

    especially after so long doing so well.

    instead you can wake up smug.

    smiles for you and good luck. (not that you need it. you are on this!)


  • How did you get on last night FordyP ?

  • So the good news is that I got through last night. It was tough and I only stayed an hour (which caused one or two of my friends to raise an eyebrow). The less good news is that I am generally feeling really crap and low - principally because of niggly arguments at home. Not sure that I can blame them on the lack of nicotine but it doesn't help. There was a real moment last night when I thought "Sod it - I might as well have a fag" - but realised that that would be a daft road to go down. I know that with previous quits I would have used it as an excuse to try and lay the blame elsewhere for cracking. So pleased not to have given up on my quit but still feeling pretty miserable

  • Huge well done Fordy, I REALLY feel you have this nailed as you very aware of what is going on mentally in your quit and can deal with it accordingly, keep going the way you are.    

    It does take time for the our mindsets to adjust to dealing with day to day life stresses without reaching for a smoke - you are well on your way with this....

  • I was like that for the first few weeks Fordy - really irritable and could have started an argument in a phone box. If I wasn't like that I was either down or completely wired and euphoric...just never normal. It eases off.

    The main thing is you didn't have one. Be proud of yourself for that.

  • Well Done. Fordy.  You did so well considering the position you were in.

    I hope that as the day proceeds, you feel a lot better.  Maybe when the clouds lift at home it will help.  Arguments are just not good when you're already fighting your own inner battle.  Everything is a test eh?  Keep up the good work.

    Gosh I'm good.  I'd better try talking to myself.  I could Kill A Man For A Fag!! I thought this got better.  I've battled all day and not caved in......yet.  I keep thinking, many attempts am I allowed.

    Sorry to hog your post.  Got carried away.

  • Finding it hard going today Trasha?

    Think of how far you have come and how much you'll regret it if you have one. It DOES get better, honestly...but you get days like Fordy is experiencing...and Jean did yesterday. The chances are that tomorrow it will be much easier, you just have to get through today.

    Do whatever it takes to not have one. Kill a man if it stops you having a will be worth it! (don't mention that I said that though if you get caught)

  • Ooh, Nozmo, like you wouldn't believe.  Of course you'd believe, that was a stupid remark.

    Yes, Day 15.  I was feeling so smug when I got past Day 3 and was finding it relatively easy.  Whop!  Didn't feel that coming, did you!  Down to earth again.

    Well, the wind is getting up and the rain has started, again. So that's the cure for today.  I'm not standing outside in that.  I've just looked out of my porch door and there isn't a fella in sight to kill.  They don't like rain either.

    Thanks for the laugh.

    Hopefully be a better day tomorrow.

  • The weather saves the day for a change!

  • Best thing you can do Trasha on a night like that is a few glasses of wine, some pizza or some chocolate goodies, nice big fire lit & a good auld comedy, then good nights sleep and when you awake in the morning, a new day which will hopefully be much are dong fantastic and I promise as each day passes and each struggle overcome it WILL GET EASIER.....Strongs xx

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