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Starting day 18 - oh yes!!!

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Can't believe I've got this far. Longest without a cig in nine years!

Had the BEST dreams last night. Dreamed I won ten thousand pounds worth of Debenhams vouchers and was getting their personal shopper to kit me out with an entire new wardrobe. Looks like my subconscious is congratulating me too!!!

I'm so happy. Today I am full of self belief. Still coughing the years worth of crud away, but I almost like that - am I weird? Still have craves, especially early evening, but they're a lot less painful than they were even a few days ago. I just have to stay strong, I hope I can. I know there will still be bad days, but fingers crossed the worst is over.

Going to blitz the house today. Clean inside, clean outside!

Hope you all have wonderful days.


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Hi Helen,

Well done you :D Rather like the sound of your dream myself! Would like to be able to get to sleep to have any sort of dream at the moment though.

You sound wonderfully confident today which is so lovely to hear. Enjoy your cleaning & if you get time can you come & do mine? :p

Gaynor x

Hi Helen well done on reaching day 18 :D hope you have a good weekend with your cleaning if you have enough energy you can always come round and do mine for me :p ;) hehe

bad moment...

MASSIVE crave at the moment. Did a whole load of housework for which I would always 'reward' myself (reward - what a joke) with a fag. And also DH has just taken the boys out for a run in the park, and the first thing I do when he takes them out is always - but ALWAYS - smoke.

So two triggers at once. Bit of a tooth-grinder, as I call them. Had to get on here and write it down, because if I tell you about it I'm less likely to cave.

Nnnnnngggghhhh. Just goes to show, you never know when it'll hit.

yep crafty nicorette demon is doing his best and you have done well in coming on here and sharing instead of giving in well done you :D

He's a sod isn't he? I woke up this morning quite sure I was going to have a crave-free day. Heigh-ho. I'll get through it.

yep you will till the next one but just remember that they will get weaker while you will get stronger and stronger then before you know it you another day/week and then months have passed :D

keeping your mind and hands busy will help the moment pass because thats all it is at the end of the day

reading the threads on here helped me so much in the begining and the people of course :)

someone posted a thread about the fact that stopping smoking is like break up in a relationship and when you think about it thats what it is

keep strong and you will get through it and it will get easier

I love your honesty. You descibe reward and me time triggers and they are the difficult bits, but I found I needed a fag to punctuate practically everything. I think Ive said this too often, but it has been a revelation to me this week- a month ago, when you were smoking, maybe you spent more time craving than you do now. Think about it- what if you had no cigs- would you have asked DH to get them on his way back? if so, how comfortably would you have waited for them. When he came back would you have embarrassed yourself by ripping them out of his hands and going off to feed your addiction without even asking if they'd had fun?

Maybe that is all projection but I know what I was like- spent most of my waking moments wanting a cig and feeling peeved that I couldnt have one, or, when I could smoke, having lots in anticipation of the next part of the day where I couldnt. They dominated every second of my life. Now its about every second hour.

Yes, you're right. It's good to have some perspective!

Have now eaten two viennese whirls, which has vastly improved my mood. Have also realised that it's PMT time, which goes some way to explaining the intensity of my craving, and makes me feel extra good that I resisted.

I bloody love viennese whirls - they are neither cake, nor biscuit. They are melty-in-the-mouth perfection. I could cheerfully eat the whole box.

Ah the Viennese whirl; I thought Kara Tointons was the best.

Saisburys sell millionaires cheesecake and it was on offer today.

LOL @ Kara Tointon!

Sainsbury's taste the difference raspberry swirl cheesecake. Oh... my.. lord. One of the most sinfully delicious things I have ever eaten. We can't have it any more because DH has been on a strict diet for the last year. I do miss it though.

Having said that, he brought home chocolate doughnuts from the latest shop... am about to eat one of those. It's been one of those days.

I am from England. You should start a new post- people may not notice you buried in this one, and then you might think we dont care . :confused:

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