day 18 and sparkling

Ive felt quite sick towards the end of yesterday. Does anyone else have nausea from giving up smoking?

Im soooo tired!

but im very happy and my mind is in the right place still. Im not so angry on this quit, the last quit I just wanted to put some bricks in a pillowcase and whack my work colleagues in the back of their knees.

I think Im coping a lot better this time :)

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  • thanks Karri. :D

  • hehe the ole drawing pins on the seat, love it.

    Im not sure how many im having. id say less than 12 a day though. Im using the 1mg ones. I need to make a tally of how many im having. That will be my plan of the day

  • thanks v.much Karen :)

  • Great to see you doing so well.

    In the early days of my quit I was so tired all the time but it did ease for a short while them pregnancy tiredness kicked in ;)

    :eek: They never mentioned the possible side effect of pregnancy when I stopped smoking:eek:

  • :eek: They never mentioned the possible side effect of pregnancy when I stopped smoking:eek:

    LOL, what? seriously? Uh Oh!

  • Dear me Malvin- we don't want a cottage loaf in your breadbin, do we? ;)

    Sparkle- you really are sparking (I can see your twinkly bits from here). Despite the nausea (may it pass very soon) you're doing fantastically. Well done! :)

  • oh no, i thought my twinkly bits were covered up :eek: and so this is how we end up pregnant. Stop smoking and show your twinkles! lol

  • Hi Sparkle! First of all well done on your 18 days....that's fab!! I too felt quite ill when I gave up (I'm on the patch method) and even struggled to eat but it did wear off soon enough so I would definetely put it down to the NRT. You'll find you may get all sorts of weird symptoms or none at all but whatever happens it just means your body is recovering from those vile sticks! Keep up the great work 😃

  • Thanks Dolores. I wish that I struggled to eat. Im quite the opposite :p

  • I soon made up for it believe me! 😂😂 Hope you feel better soon. All for a good cause xx

  • Oh bless indeed in my first quit , I slept for a week, but it does pass, and yes I did feel slightly nauseated , but as time passed it did pass.

    How very well your doing, amazing just keep going,

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