About 8 weeks off the fags

I know I will never smoke again mainly because of The Asthma attack that nearly killed me. I feel fine just thought I would let you know.

    I think if many new about what its like not to breathe in air and end up unconscious I think many would stop or not start in the first place plus seeing those on the ward struggling for every last breath. SHOCKING.

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  • Good for you Dodo, keep up that mindset, you are doing great!

  • Good to see you back dodo and glad you're doing fine. Horrible thing to witness but important message to put across.

  • Hey was only thinking of you yesterday, I,m so pleased for you and your son your ok.

    Ps loving the positivity, and thanks for updating us 

  • hello Dodo

    I must sayi im stoping because of images of

    1 a old man at doctors.carrying his oxygen bottle.could walk well.couldn't speak.

    2 the advert on tv where woman had her food put into tube which was attached to her stomach.

    My grandchildren are my main reason.

    I hope we can win this addiction get shut off the little devil 😈 waiting.lurking for us.

    you take care

    keep kicking 😎

  • Thats one off many reasons why i decided to quit!been seeing older members of my family having health issues especially breathing problems and having to take loads of inhalers and steroids each day.you have done brilliant doing 8 weeks dodo😆

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