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Day 5 :)

It’s day 5 for me and I’ve been doing so well :) Considering that my day 3 and 4 were over a weekend where I had nothing to do and nowhere to go, I was worried boredom would see me struggle but I was fine! I’ve been a bit uncomfortable occasionally but nothing I couldn’t handle. I got out for lots of fresh air and kept busy with housework and my favourite TV program. I may have also had a pot of pic ‘n mix to distract myself! I’ve already started to notice that my car and clothes absolutely stink (this is a good thing!) and my cough has changed from a “full of cr@p” cough to a “getting rid of cr@p” cough, so I’m starting to feel the benefits. And I put on perfume this morning for the first time in ages, knowing people would actually be able to smell it!

This morning is a little harder. My mind-set hasn’t changed, don’t want to smoke and most definitely won’t smoke, but I’m headachy, have horrible tastes in my mouth and my head and thoughts feels fuzzy. I’m drinking loads of fluids and eating polo’s so hopefully it will pass soon. Looking forward to the week mark on Thursday, touch wood!!

Toni xx

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Well done Toni, you are doing great! What you feeling should pass in a few days, try to get some fresh air and take breaths. Drink plenty of water too.....


You're doing great. When I first quit, day 9 was my hard one. I think we all have a day at the beginning when the novelty wears off and it gets a bit harder. The thing you need to remember is it will get better. Nothing worth doing is easy and you'll feel so much better for it in the end.

In the words of one of the old greats on here

Keep on keeping on.


Love it Levs!


Well done the first weeks were exhaustung for me constantly fighting a battle with my mind over having or not a cigarette, it gets easier and my battle now is only the morning, instead of a cig and coffee it is now toast and juice, rest of tbe day I can get through - its been hard but worth it,

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