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No Smoking Day
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Day 5 and feel like im gonna commit murder

Hey everyone,

So on day 5 cold turkey and boy has it been one hell of a ride. So much stress going on in my life and I usually sit down to smoke just to feel relief but determined to not give in. So far it’s been an easy ride except day 4 and 5(today). I feel so agitated, emotional, sore in the body and just want to smoke. I use a vape when it gets too tough and usually google benefits to quitting and that helps with cravings but today I just want to smoke to deal with my stress and life problems.

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Hey Brady, don't smoke, that won't take your problems away. When I craved I would read pinned posts, other posts, keep busy, sleep, prepare and eat something healthy, exercise, anything to get through it, and I did - and so glad now I didn't cave and smoke, the first few weeks are the toughest but you can do this, 5 days in already, keep pushing through,

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So far so good, I use my vape when I need it and it usually helps but today not so much. I’m glad I’ve gotten this far and with the ease I have, feels a bit tough today. Thank you for the advice, I just ate some Fruit and took a walk in the sun around the yard.

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Hi Brady I’m glad you are feeling better ..

If you read most of our stories when we recently quit you will see we all started feeling much better as time was passing and we were all sharing how free and proud we felt ..After first week it will be more manageable at one month it’s glory ..

And I’m not saying it was easy but once you start feeling the great accomplishment feeling things start to be more enjoyable . How proud we feel of ourselves and the enthusiasm makes things easier ..when I quit I started getting more informed about about health improve and smoking consequences so I was reading a lot specially to control urges .. I was very scared about getting sick ..Stay strong you are on the way to a healthier life and the peace of mind you will experience will be the best feeling for you ...💕

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I think that's the thing Karina, it isn't an easy thing to do and we always knew that, but in the early days our minds use that difficulty to try to trick us back in - instead we have to accept the difficulty and stay quit despite it.


Hi Brady...If I missed your welcome..Sorry ...! and Congrats on your 5 Days

The symptoms you are describing is the "Normal" quit symptoms....and it is nasty...There is no way around it but through...And that means head down and ram it...Usually the physical is the "easier" part...The emotional and physiological is the difficult part.. hence the agitation,,!

Body sore, Sore throat , Headaches, Flu symptoms is all part of the game ...Our brain will do anything now just to get that Nicotine fix..our bodies are now being used as shield..and it is painful.....!!!!

I learned that herbal supplements eased a lot of that initial pain and get the happy chemical (Dopamine) flowing again...Nicotine Hijacked our happy chemical receptors as to let us believe we need nicotine to be happy and cope with life...!

Good pharmacist will lead you in the right direction...

Take additional Vitamins just to make you feel better...!

BUT: It does get better..What ever you do do not think that one puff will ease the pain..it will just put you back on a full fletged addiction..

Stay strong...!

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Huge welcome to our community Brady95 and congratulations on Day 5 (almost day 6 now!). You mentioned in your post that you are going cold turkey and 'use a vape when it gets too tough' - does the vape have nicotine in it? If not, the nicotine will be out of your system after Day 3, if there is nicotine in it and only using it now and again it could be causing the withdrawals to be more severe if getting little fixes of nicotine?

Everything you are experiencing with the agitation, aching body, etc. is perfectly normal and will ease off as each day passes for the next couple of weeks and your body and mind begins the gradual hard work of rewiring, repairing and recovering. Unfortunately, we have to ride out these early and severe withdrawals. Try to keep as busy as possible, lots of water, bit of exercise to clear the head and perhaps a trip to your health food shop for herbal and vitamins to help with the anxiety and irritability. Be kind to yourself was you are undergoing one of the most difficult and best achievements of your life.

Below is a link to some helpful pinned posts worth a read if not already done so. Also, we have a new member Quitzer who is just a little ahead of you and experiencing the same struggles if you want to buddy up with her....


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Hey Brady95 - how is things now?


1 week today Brady95 - hope you treated yourself!?! :P


hi Brady95

welcome to our little family.

stress certainly pushes your buttons.but it doesn't help when you light your fag,you just think its helping.

you can do this,we all have tried and failed,but each fail makes you stronger,

I used vape after several attempts,nothing helped me but vape did.

you are stronger than you think.fight the fight.

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎


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