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anaamaral9 Months Smoke Free

After 1 month and 3 days without smoking, a VERY, VERY ROUGH day yesterday.

I had been so happy the day before yesterday, when it made 1 month, I even posted here my happiness (if happiness can be posted...).

But yesterday, I went for a reading of my poems and everyone was smoking in the end, and I thought it would be a comfort to smell the smoke. Well, it was not!! It was a temptation that didn't leave me the rest of the day!

I did not smoke, but it was really hard! I had some drops of Valeriana drops, to calm down and back to Nicorette chewing gums.

If anyone can comment on this, I would appreciate. After 1 month, should this have happened? And an advice: keep away from smokers. Also: Valeriana (a natural herb) does help.

Thank you to all of you. This is such a big help! I wish we had this kind of community here in Portugal!

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I think some situations can be a bit of a trigger. Its what we once would of been doing as well and it was comfortable for us back then.

It’s uncomfortable for us now cause we’re doing it differently and it triggers Mr Nico.

Mr Nico is sly and sneaky.... and comes when we least expect it.

Well done for not smoking... you did it!!


Hey anaamaral - it is perfectly normal to have bad days especially this early on as you are in the thick of the mental battle as your brain and body is working very hard to rewire, repair and recover, it is a gradual healing process....

For me, I really detest the smell of cigarette smoke and that was a blessing in disguise for me if had a nasty craving - it will get easier, I promise :)

You are fighting hard and it will pay off, hang in there and continue to post anytime especially if struggling....

anaamaral9 Months Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Thank you for the support and explanation, Roisin. These last hours have been quite bearable and, in general, today was fine. I went for a film and didn't even remember the cigarette when I came out! Very surprising!

What really discouraged me was yesterday and that horrible, horrible craving all afternoon and evening, after a FULL month.

Thank you again! The very best to you!

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to anaamaral

How are you feeling now anaamaral ?

anaamaral9 Months Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Thank you so much for asking!

Not wonderful, I'm afraid, Roisin01. I haven't smoked (1 month and 5 days now), but today I had a vertigo episode. I have problems with my inner year (benign paroxysmal positional, I think this is the name in English) and since I stopped smoking I've felt a bit dizzy.

But today it was these vertigo episodes. Tomorrow I'm going to my doctor, but I wonder whether the lack of cigarette can cause this. I've also experienced heightened sensory episodes (don't know the name for this in English!).

I was a smoker for 42 years, almost 2 packs a day and I just quit cold turkey (except for some Nicorette, 2 or 3 day). Even my identity -- it is as if I will have to reinvent myself, a new self, as I can't imagine myself writing without the company of a cigarette. I am a poet, you see, always wrote, all my life -- and in this last month I have been unable to write a single line of a poem! I try to, but what comes out is just rubbish... And I do need to write.

I'm sorry for this long explanation, and thank you for being there, for your concern! Thank you!

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to anaamaral

Hey anaamaral - you will find your mojo very soon, your brain is in the thick of rewiring and repairing, I promise, you will in fact have more and better inspiration to write over the coming months.

Almost 3 years smoke free for myself - the confidence, courage and strength I have gained since I stopped is remarkable - I completely turned my life around, healthier, happier and in a job now that I have a passion for, cooking/baking - it took a while to get here and was bumpy, very bumpy at times but I persevered and it paid off!

With regards the vertigo, make sure you are keeping well hydrated with lots and lots of water and your sugar levels up with fruit - if you can, avoid sugary foods and caffeine, how did the doctor go today?

The heightened sensory levels is a surprisingly common improvement when we stop, hearing, sight, smell and taste all improve as our lungs cleanse and repair from all the gunk from smoking...

Don't loose faith, it is a good sign that your body is repairing, it will improve week on week :)

anaamaral9 Months Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Thank you again, so much, Roisin01! The doctor told me what you did :), that is: drink a lot of water, avoid salty foods and caffeine. Caffeine is very hard, i can't cut everything at once...! And I drink a lot of coffee (expressos, actually), but will try to reduce a tiny bit. Salt is easier.

I will trust you in what regards inspiration and writing. You have been a great, great help. Tomorrow (it's almost midnight and a new day) it will be 5 weeks!!!

Thank you again!

Hidden in reply to anaamaral

Everything you have described were all a part of my quitting as well. The dizziness and lightheadedness were crazy at times! That has settled now after 50 days! A couple of moments but no where near as intense, these sensations will pass! I stopped cold turkey after 35 years, so the brain had some extra work to do! Try to wade through it, be kind to yourself and I found cutting back the sugar helped me!

You’ll love the new version of yourself, it just takes a little bit of time! You are doing a great job! Stay strong and take some deep clean breaths! 💪👏🙌⭐️

anaamaral9 Months Smoke Free in reply to Hidden

Thank you, Frost11! It was SO, SO HELPFUL to know that this problem of dizziness and lightheadedness is a shared one!

I also stopped cold turkey after 42 years. A lot of work for the brain, that's right! But I am decided not to smoke again. Tomorrow: 5 weeks!

Thanks for the advice about the sugar too!

My immense congratulations to you!

helpmequit2 Years Smoke Free

Well done anaamaral, you stayed strong despite the temptation. Remember, you are breaking years of habit and it will take time to reprogramme the neural pathways that trigger your feelings.

I've just achieved 2 months and my cravings are far fewer than a month ago so keep going, keep believing and keep adding up the benefits. You are doing brilliantly and you have it in your power to succeed 👍

Hidden in reply to helpmequit

Things that are so worth it, as in giving up smoking are worth the pain and discomfort! It really does get easier as the days roll by, just a lot of body calibrations! Once we find our real self behind the smoke and mirrors, there’s a lot of joy! Congratulations to you after 45 years!! There’s a celebration 🎉 Right there! All the best 👏👏👏

anaamaral9 Months Smoke Free

Thanks, helpmequit, for your words of encouragement! And congratulations for your achievement of 2 months!!!

I am so lucky to have found this group!!!! Thank you!

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