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I've decided it's time (again!)

Hi, I'm Woody

I have been trying to quit (on and off) now for many years now, I was even posting on here 5 years ago. About 4-5 years ago I managed 18 months, but relapsed and have now been back on cigs for about 2-3 years ever since my wife had a large operation on her neck to remove a benign tumour.

Over the last 6-12 months or so, the experience of smoking has become increasingly less "enjoyable". I am hating the taste, the smell of old tobacco on clothes, the constant amount of phlegm on my chest and sinuses and the extortionate cost of it.

I am also a very keen cyclist, who regularly participates in rides up to 100 miles, but I find the effects of smoking are having an effect on my fitness during my rides, especially when climbing. My average heart rate during my rides is higher than when I had stopped smoking.

So, I have now made an appointment to see the nurse at my local surgery to have another attempt at quitting. I seem to have all the right reasons for giving up, but I just know how difficult it will be. Stressful situations and irritability always seem to be the reasons for failure in my case.

My appointment isn't until 14 March, so I have 10 days or so to mentally prepare for another quit.

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Welcome Woody, wishing you strength and success for 14 March, keep us updated and look forward to see you in Day 1 shortly!

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Hello Woody, I'm into running so I get what you mean about the effect of smoking. I was starting to wheeze a lot after more energetic runs so that was one of my reasons for quitting. Best wishes for your quit.

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