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No Smoking Day
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Newbie - Not quite there yet

Hi All,

I'm hoping that this site, along with Champix, will be my saviour. I started the tablets 7 days ago & although I haven't given up yet, I feel it will be very soon.

I've gone from 20 a day to roughly 5 'halves' & am finding that I really dont like the taste that much any more. That said, it doesn't stop me still wanting those few puffs.

What I find hard are those moments where you'd have a fag to fill 5 mins or use it as an escape route....I'm just popping out for a smoke. I'm normally at work during the day (Where I can still nip out for a smoke) but the Champix have made me feel very sick & dizzy so am working from home today. God it's not easy. I'm finding that every time I want a fag I replace it with a cup of tea. At this rate I'll have the best functioning kidneys in the world.....!!

Anyway, I could talk forever (typing gives my fingers something else to do than light up) but I wont bore you all to death...just yet anyway.

How's everyone else doing today?

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Hi Alexi. Im on Champix too and now day 13. When you do get to your quit day you will still want to smoke because thats what you have done for years but with the Champix in your systerm its easier to ignore it. You still need will power its not a magic cure but it make it so much easier. Have you got a quit day in mind. Mine was day 10 of taking champix.

Great support on the forum as we are all going through the same thing.

Good Luck :D


Hi Mooney,

Thanks for the reply. I’m also planning on day 10 for my quit date & am feeling pretty confident. I’ve tried to quit a few times before but never found I had enough willpower. This time does feel different though. The psychological desire is still there but I’m not getting that physical craving. Just got to get my head round the fact it’s mind over matter.

Wow, you’re on day 13 of being a non smoker. WELL DONE!! Does it get easier as time goes on? I’m guessing that your resolve gets stronger even though the desire is still there. Keep up the good work.


Hi, I am on day 10 'quit day' of the tablets. Its really not so bad to be honest. Wasnt really sure what to expect. Got a little niggle in the back of my mind every now and then but its manageable and so far finding it easier than previous quits without the tablets. Fingers crossed. And Good Luck!


Hi Lucy,

Well done. !0 days is great. I can't wait til I'm saying that too.

Thanks for the support. It's really appreciated.


Yes you still get thoughts of smoking but it dont last long. It sort of washes over you and you will think omg i want a smoke but ride with it for a couple of minutes and its gone. I found chewing gum for the first few days really help me and also drinking lots of water. Ive kept busy too and now have a very clean house;)

I did have a couple of bad days at the begining but its definatly getting easier as time goes on.

Ive done this whole champix quit before and stupidly went back to smoking months down the line but i have learnt a lot from my previous quits and now know that i must never have another puff again or it will grab me.

Keep chatting on here, it will help.


Well its quit day today, day 10 of tablets, so I too will be very happy when I can say 10 days smoke free! :)

Agree with you completely Moony, the thoughts of smoking are there but it doesnt last long. The feeling of it washing over you, family members and friends have asked how it is, but I m finding it quite difficult to describe?!?

Ditto on clean house, thats what I m doing right now, cleaning out drawers that I should have done months ago! :eek:


Fantastic to hear Lucy :D


Keeping busy definitely helps. At the moment I’m struggling with the ‘behind the eyes’ headache. :( Not sure if this is something to do with Champix or just withdrawal symptoms due to having less nicotine.

I agree with seeing previous attempts as lessons learnt on how to do it this time. You’re doing something right to have come this far. Just don’t have that puff.

Will definitely keep chatting. We’ll all get there.


Sorry Lucy.

Oops sorry Lucy. I mis read & thought you were on day 10 of quitting. :o

Fantastic news that today is your quit day. Good luck, fingers & toes crossed for you. :D

I’m getting the treadmill out the spare room later. I’m hoping that the want to get fit will over ride the want to smoke.


Thats ok, I ll look forward to day 10 that little bit more now! :)

I find exercise helps amazingly when it comes to cravings, I always feel after I have been to the gym that I ve ruined all my hard work by having a ciggie. So hopefully will help you too, thanks & same to you. Do you have your quit date set yet?


That was my logic to with the exercising. I'm not sure about a date to be honest. Part of me thinks just bite the bullet but the other part doesnt want to set myself up for failure by doing it too early. I'm back at the smoking clinic next Wednesday so would like to blow zero for then. It's been 7 days since starting the pills so I might go for next Monday which would see me into the double dose. Did you just pick a random date or did you base it on something?

How's it going today, you holding up ok?


I did want to stick to the rules and do it within the 8 - 14 day guideline. Just because I was worried otherwise if I didnt set myself a strict date I would carry on smoking. But I also didnt want to go too early say day 8 as I was worried this would play on my mind that I could smoke if I wanted to so day 10 seemed like a nice compromise! :)

I need to be strong and strict with myself otherwise the ciggies will walk all over me!

In all honesty even though I had cut down a bit I was still very worried about today, I didnt feel like the Champix was working as well on me as I ve heard it work for other people but it hasnt been a problem at all. I ve had a few moments, more towards this evening because I 'was' an evening boredom smoker but nothing I cant push away quite easily. This is the easiest first day I ve had, defo no crazy cravings all just manageable.


Hey Lucy,

The ‘smoking nurse’ said to me that a lot of people give up between days 5 & 8. I kinda hoped it would work for me around that time but realized that I needed a bit more time. Like you I want to stick to the rules & give up before the day 14 mark. I’m also buoyed up by the fact that I have my second appt with the clinic on day 14 & would love to blow zero rather than the 24 I showed on my first visit.

You seem to be doing really well & not letting the fags walk over you. Keep being strong & I have no doubt you’ll get there. Its only natural to be worried about giving up but I’m thrilled to hear that you haven’t had any major problems. I guess you’ve been trying to keep busy? Although I haven’t quit yet, I’m kinda pushing the limits (if you know what I mean). I was reading on here that a craving only really last for 3 minutes. Have you found that? Maybe it lasts for 3 mins but shows up every 5…LOL.

Day 1 is almost over, you’re doing so well. Keep up the good work.


I know what you mean, yes the cravings have been quite regular today but nothing in scale compared to patches, cold turkey or and other form of aid I have tried quitting with. With Champix I find I can push them away within a minute or so. (Biscuits help! :eek: lol) Must go to the shop in the morning and buy some grapes and fruit to substitute.

Are you onto the blue tablets yet?

Thanks so much for your support. Getting the results you want at the clinic is def something to aim for, it will be worth every second when you do! and spur you on to go further.


Ah you’re very welcome hun. Anything I can do to help just drop me a line.

LOL, know what you mean about the biscuits. I keep having to tell myself to get something healthy. Going to call in at Tesco on way to work tomorrow & get some bananas. Apparently they help with the nausea.

I start the blue tablets tomorrow. Bit worried about them cos feel like crap without doubling the dose. Gotta be worth it in the end though. (Fingers crossed).

You’re very nearly over day 1. How amazing is that? WELL DONE:D:D:D


Thanks Alexi, Day 2 here I come!!! :D


And cant wait to hear about your great first day...:) gl


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