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Quit Programme at local chemist

Hello all,

I think this is where I should be posting now.....on day 48 so hope this is right :)

Had my weekly frustration - I mean quit help from my local pharmacy. Every week I go in for my patches to be told I am doing something wrong. Every time I ask how the plan works I am told something different. First three weeks they couldn't believe I hadn't had a ciggie and used to make faces and stupid comments. Then when I started asking questions about when to move down a strength they didn't know. 3 weeks ago I asked to speak to the pharmacist to find out what was going on and that was all fine, was told the 8 week, 2 week then 2 week plan but could go down earlier if I wanted.

All good til last week the girl asked me how many I was still smoking as it was clear I wasn't doing very well as was still on the 25mg......erm no! She moved me down which was great. Until tonight. Apparently I shouldn't have been 'allowed' to move down a strength and was told I would have to pay my prescription fee early cos I changed the patches..... honestly have no idea how you are meant to quit when dealing with these people lol. Plus they do all of this at the main counter so you are having to move out of the way so people can be served at the same time. They do have a consultation area but never use it.

Just a rant but how on earth is that 'support'. If anything it stresses me out so can totally imagine if you were struggling when you went in that you might end up saying stuff it and smoking again. Am so angry and I plan to write a letter of complaint when my course is done. I hope they have a feedback form at the end!!

Thank god for this site cos its whats kept me going.

Other than all that, I am doing fine. Find my mind wandering to thoughts of smoking being quite attractive lately but refuse to go back to that way of thinking.

Really excited that tomorrow will be 7 whole weeks!


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Very poor

I wouldn't be very happy either, Debs. They soound a bit clueless. I have heard from friends problems with programme's at pharmacists.


Well done Debs it's 7 weeks done and dusted. Your support out there doesn't seem to have a clue, it's a good job you have us.



Thanks ladies. I have calmed down now lol

Still think they are rubbish and will let someone know cos they must be getting paid to do this.

Feeling really good today. It will be 7 weeks at 9.45pm tonight :) Really starting to feel like a non smoker. Two boys in the office said they were going for a fag and my first reaction was 'why' lol. Have to realise that just cos I quit doesn't mean everyone else has.

Yup, this place has been a godsend. So grateful I found you.



7 weeks well done :) soon be 2 months :D



Thanks Neddy. I can't wait to be able to say I've been quit for 2 months :D

A whole month for you tomorrow - congratulations :)



Thanks Neddy. I can't wait to be able to say I've been quit for 2 months :D

A whole month for you tomorrow - congratulations :)


bet you cant sounds good i'm liking it cant wait till i'm saying it lol :)


Debs, after gritting your teeth and biting your tongue when dealing with your local chemist, I would think you have enough will power to deal with anything.

Glad you can keep smiling after the shocking treatment you received. Good for you, and well done.

Lorraine :)


Day 50 - yay!!

Hi folks,

Day 50 Woo-Hoo!!!!!!! Over the moon.

Oddly enough had probably the strongest craving yet last night. Was at home and my sister and niece were staying. Its maybe an association thing cos I used to get stressed about keeping my niece out of the kitchen when I was hanging out the window smoking. Fine again today though.

Lozza thanks. I am pleased that I am managing to be so determined, This place is a godsend like I have said before.

ppyordanov, thank you. I am really looking forward to my weeks and months racking up. Yours will too so good luck right back at you :)

Neddy, you won't be long in joining me I am sure. The second month is flying in.



well done

Woo.hoo hoo.....:) thats some achievement 50 days good on you and you sound so positive :) no going back now only forwards for you.

To be honest with you i'm having terrible day so far tears the lot same yesterday but not as bad. wondering will and when it will get better, but i'm still hanging in there doing my best to get through it, because i want to be able to say 2 months like you :)

june x



WELL DONE you Debs - great feeling isn't it! Makes it all worth it when we reach these milestones me thinks :)

June - you are doing just fine me lovelie. The tears and all it's pretty normal. There have been a few days when if people said boo to me I'd break down in tears like an emotional wreck.

You'll get good days & bad days but as time goes on the good days will far outweigh the bad and hey even non-smokers get bad days :) You are doing just great and I look forward to your 2 month post.

Tinks xx :)


Oh Neddy, Listen to Tinks cos she is spot on.

If you look back over my old posts you will see I was the same. Some days I could have happily stayed under my duvet. Some days I did. I cried lots and had days where I felt really low. They do get better though lovely they really do.

Me and a lot of the folk on here felt really low around the 4 week/1 month mark. Not sure why but its really common. Its a rollercoaster and all you can do is go with it and cry when you need to and be in a grump when it suits too.

Tinks thank you so much. Day 50 feels really good (as you know!). Am now counting down to 8 weeks and then 2 calender months. The milestones help heaps.

Heading over to my Mums for dinner cos its her birthday. Taking her out for dinner tomorrow so thats two lovely dinners - yum!



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