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day 55 i think - for all newbies.....


WOW I feel so good! hello all. I wanted to share how I am getting on in case any one in the early days is struggling to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I can say I feel brilliant. Had really bad PMT this month, so had a rocky few days but this might be my body adapting to hormonal changes from being a smoker (which apparently really affects our lady hormones!) but since then and before then I don't think about smoking really at all anymore. I don't replace it with food or drunk or anything. I just live how I once did but don't break for a fag every 45 minutes.

Going out for meals is nicer.

I feel less anxious socialising as I don't need a fag.

Work flys by as again, I don't need to plan when I can run out for a fag

Visiting people is nicer as I don't have wake up moody needing a fag before I can say hi to anyone

I can concentrate for LONG periods of time

I gained no weight giving up. if anything I have lost some weight.

still cant go for a number 2 but hey im sure in time that will go back to normal.

im all round less anxious and I notice I feel calm in my belly, no more tightness at all!

I look and smell better. I breath better.

Honestly stick with it. Im not going back this time. cigarettes are pointless once the addiction is gone. xxxx

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Ah well done Nikki, what a great positive post especially for the newbies, can't believe you are at Day 55, time really does fly by after the first month. Well done again and keep it up, you are doing so well!:):)


I'm so proud of you Nikki :) good going xxx


Nikki, get magnesium powder 2 spoons hot water an fill the glass and drink. You won't have anymore of those #2 issues

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