Please may i join you all

Good evening to you all well here i am moving into to month 4 and im so happy with myself i must say there are still times when i do miss a fag,i wish them times would go away and leave me alone.

Well i just want to tell you all that is day 2 of being patch free and so far going ok a lot better than i thought.

Yesterday i felt quite mardy and i could row with my own shadow.but a bit better today.

I still get no praise from my 0/h on how well i have done i really do mean none what so ever.I dont even think he nos how long it has been as we dont talk about it at all he has no interest in how good i feel about packing up smoking and slowely looseing weight,i would love nothing more for my 0/h to say to me well done im so prod of you and to give me a cuddle and feel pleased for me but i get nothing.As im writing this i get a lump in my throat big time it hurts big time :mad:

I dont ask for much in life but i wold love a bit of support and someone i could talk to

Thanks to you all for being such great help to me,cause with out you lots i would have no one to talk to about how i feel about smoking


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  • Hi Dave


  • Used to live near you

    Hi Kay

    Heres a big HUG and dont worry bout other half you are the one that counts

    You dont say if he is smoker or none smoker because

    A if hes a smoker hes jelouse

    B if hes a non smoker he knows you are going to get cleaner fresher look better lose wieght and run off with someone else so hes jelouse

    Either way hes jelouse LOL

    Or hes just a man Hee Hee

    You will do very well xxxx

  • Hi Kay

    He is just so are shaping up to be one very strong lady and he does not know how to take that....

    You go girl.....


  • woo hooo! 4 months eh?! blimely. well done kay and dave. :D

  • Hi Kay

    Big hugs and a huge well done to you. I know you've felt unsupported by your OH at home with quitting but thank goodness for your daughter.

    Be proud of yourself, really bloody proud........... this quitting lark is hard and your right, a few words of recognition and the odd hug would be nice but your doing it and that shows how strong you are........ and each day now without the patch should be better and better. All the best with that too.

    Keep going Kay :) 3 Whole Months without Smoking :cool:

    Pol x

  • A massive WELL DONE to you Kay, your achievement is huge and you deserve massive hugs.

    I think our OH sometimes feel a bit threatened when we do something that turns our life around, or changes the 'normal' routine. They can be creatures of habit and don't like change. I know when I quit last time my OH found it really uncomfortable because it made him stick out as the one who was still smoking and he felt really conscious about it, he found it really difficult to praise me because of his own insecurity. He's quit with me this time so it's so much better, in fact, I think he's doing better than me, i'm gutted.

    A lot has changed and sometimes it takes time to adjust.

    Congratulations again, keep up the good work.

    Lorraine :)

  • Hi Kay

    Im soooooooooooooooo very proud of you hun. its not easy when you have no support I know. But you showed him you are one very strong lady. 4 months thats great and patch free once the first 72 hours after the last patch you will feel fab. Dont forget to give yourself a nice big treat and heres a nice BIG HUG from me. CONGRATS.xxxxxx

  • Hi Kay

    I'm so very proud of you and pleased for you. You really are a very stong woman. Shedding those pounds and quitting smoking - now that is willpower.

    You know you have my support and the support of others on this forum.

    WELL DONE...

    Tinks xx

  • I think you are a super lady too, well done finishing 3 months. I think your OH is jealous and can't show you how he feels, you carry on as you have, you are a winner.


  • Brilliant !!!

    well Done Kay really happy to see you join us. x

    P.S. come on people not ALL men are the same

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