Day 8

Really struggling this morning. I had a few beers last night to celebrate getting through a week and was patting myself on the back for being able to have a pint without a fag but today the cravings are stronger than ever- I haven't got a hangover but really, really want a cigarette. I've managed to get to work without one and even put some fuel in on the way in and didn't buy any but why am I craving so badly?

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  • Hey Jimbo, well done on reaching your first week, you are doing great! It is the habit that is causing the craving in my opinion. It has been said it takes 21 days to break a habit, so hang in there, you got through this morning so you will get through it again and will be easier the next time. Stay strong!

  • Hi jumbo, it's most likely dehydration that is causing the cravings. Dehydration has a huge saying on your moods, your appetite and your cravings. That's the reason why after a big night out you start craving for junk.

  • Yeah I thought that- getting lots of water inside me and fighting through the cravings. I will not give up!

  • Hi Jimbo. I also did the same, went to the pub last night for a few drinks. You did better than me though, I relapsed and I feel awful about it, a failure!! :( But I must say I also feel proud too, because I am at work today and I am not craving like I thought I would be. I haven't suddenly gone back to being a smoker, which is a positive in my eyes. Feel really weird about it all.

  • Hi Mazie. First of all you are not a failure- you got really far and should take the positives from that and now remember how you got through the bad times and just do it again. You'll do it! If you ever want to chat just drop me a line- having the support of everyone on here has really helped me.

  • Hey Mazie, you had a fall but you have picked yourself back up again and got straight back on your quit by not smoking today, you will learn from this and know you can never ever light up again, You know what have to do, wishing you strength, focus and determination, you can do it!

  • Hey Jimbo, how are you getting on?

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