Another New Year Quitter

Good afternoon all,

Just thought I'd introduce myself- thought this forum may help me stay motivated and strong! My name's James and I quit on New Year's Day. I've tried quitting on a few occasions before but have never managed more than a few weeks- that nasty nicotine always managed to get its claws back into me.I think the worst thing about stopping and starting was the denial- I was sneaking around, pretending that one or two wouldn't hurt and ending up smoking ten. I was lying to my family, my fiancee and my friends, telling them I was still clean when in reality I'd buy a pack on the way to work and smoke them before I got home. If I went for a pint I'd make sure I washed my hands and face so the smell would be gone and pretend my fiancee hadn't noticed. It really did make me a pretty bad human being and I can only blame myself. I'm so determined this time though- I really, really want to kick the habit for good and stop lying to myself and everyone around me.

The first few days weren't too bad- cravings were horrible but I was with my fiancee the whole weekend and basically just accepted the fact I couldn't have a fag. The last two days have been horrible, though, since I've been back at work and into a routine- I drive past about four shops on the way to work and the urge to pull in and buy a pack has been almost unbearable. Really don't know how I got through yesterday- pure determination I think! I still haven't succumbed though and I will not start again.

Anyway apologies for the long post and I look forward to reading people's stories, taking advice, and hopefully offering some advice of my own.

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  • Welcome again James, you appear to very focused and determined, keep it up, you are doing great! Look forward to reading your progress...

  • Hello jimbo!

    Sounds like you're prepared to fight for it - every attempt is practice for The One :)

  • Thanks guys. Feeling strong and determined this morning!

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