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New Year Quitter - 8 hours or so down, x to go!

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Hello all!

Today is the fist day of the rest of my life! (hopefully)

I have decided, after about 4 failed attempts at quitting, to try, try again as per the immortal words of Robert the Bruce - or was it his spider, I can't remember!

I have tried cold turkey, hypnotherapy, Champix and more Champix - this time I am trying patches, which so far, the one I stuck on this morning is beginning to resemble a limp lettuce and is curling at the edges. Right at this moment, I could happily commit murder to get my hands on just one more 'fag' but I am determined to suffer my way through.

I have already converted a Twiglet tin into my new Quit cash box and lovingly posted £20 through the slit, although right now it seems a very poor exchange for a tin of Golden Virginia and some Rizlas.

I am 53 and have been smoking at least 15, ok, ok I'll be honest, 20 odd a day for the last 30 years, ever since I was gullible enough to believe that it would help me to lose weight! I just ended up fatter, breathless and skint.

I need to quit. I cough like an old pit horse in the mornings, cannot go up a flight of stairs without gasping for breath like a fish out of water and frankly, I smell like an old ash tray - gross.

My poor husband is long suffering - he is one of the sensible ones who never started smoking and has been banging on at me to quit ever since I first met him.

So, this time - oh, please let it be this time, I am going to quit.

Today, I have 'smoked' two biros, made cheese cake, been grumpy, made dinner and am still grumpy. BUT, as Scarlett O'Hara said, tomorrow is another day and maybe it will be better in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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Hey pixie, you sound so like me, today is my first attempt at quitting, after being a smoker for 20 years with a 40 a day habit....I have almost chewed my nails down to the knuckles, chewed nearly 2 packets of gum....washed up every pot in the kitchen, cleaned the oven and even tried for a power nap to pass the day, ive decided to go the cold turkey route....i think i must be mad, but.....I can only try my best.

Anyway, good luck to you, hope you are successful this time round x

Well done on the quit. Try not to feel down about giving up try and think yipee i have escaped this horrible disgusting trap. That always helps me when ever i get pangs.

Even when u get pangs remember u didn't enjoy being a smoker thats why u gave up. If u had a cigarette now what would u feel? That first drag may be nice b/c u satisfy that craving but then u will be disapointed b/c ur right back at square 1. There is nothing u are giving up b/c the smoking trap ur in hell and when u give up ur climbing up so u are only gaining.

Right now it feels like discipline but discipline is nothing like the feeling of disapointment. U can do it!

'B' lucky Pixie... I'm on day 1 too. Fingers crossed it'll be day 2 tomorrow :):)

Thank you

Hi Vikitori, S17 and Kaz Von D,

Thanks for taking the trouble to reply; it is very much appreciated. It is really good to know that there are others who feel the same as me or can offer friendly advice too - congratulations on quitting.

My very best wishes to you for a New Year in which all your dreams are fulfilled, particularly being clear of the demon nicotine.

See you on Day 2!!!!

Lots of love, Pixie

Hi Pixie welcome to the best support network....EVER.......take each day hour by hour you CAN do this...I had to stick my patches down with tape :rolleyes: as they were rubbish at sticking but they worked very well.........

Good Luck with your quit...and to all you other guys who have just started :)


All the best with your quit - won't be long and you'll be racking up the weeks.

What brand patches are you using? I started with NiQuitin, and changed to Nicorette as I found the NiQuitin were rubbish at sticking. Gave up patches altogether after 2 weeks.

Hi Michelle and Marie

Thank you for the encouragement.

I am using Niqitin patches - the doctor gave me them on prescription but I have 2 sorts for some odd reason - today I am using one of the clear ones and have had to stick it on with a plaster!!!! Yesterdays mainly managed to stay on except for around the edges. I'm hoping I won't need them long enough to worry about them sticking.....:)

I'm craving a bit today but not as bad as yesterday. Have dragged the wii out of the cupboard where it has been gathering dust for a year and have learnt to play golf on it, which is helping!!!!

Will keep posting too - it helps to write it down and I can look back in horror in months to come!!!!!

Thanks again xxxxxxxx

Get yourself some Micropore from the chemist tomorrow, that may help them to stick. But, I'd get yourself back and get another prescription for Nicorette. They were amazing at sticking.


Oh dear I am so glad to hear others amongst me are also suffering and it isnt just me....rather sinister i know:p this is my second attempt to quit and oh lordy am I struggling! I am also 6 months pregnant and been trying to quit since I found out but I'm determined now. Hopeffully we can all get there together!!! xxx

Welcome to the forum Pixie. And good luck on day 2. Jacqui. November N.O.P.Ers group.

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Whale13 Months Smoke Free

HiI've been smoking for over 40 years had the same problems as you. Try taking some nicorette tabs when the craving starts, this helps me and so far, no roll ups have touched my lips _ RESULT! Good luck

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