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Anxiety in my second week


I'm well in to my second week now and enjoying the confidence of having survived the first week without caving-in.

Today I woke up at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep. I had this niggling anxious feeling lurking in the back of my mind, hovering in my chest. I couldn't shake it.

I'm no stranger to anxiety and I pulled out all my weapons; chamomile tea, vitamins and magnesium, nice hot shower, long walk with dog across the fields, got stuck into work on the computer, did some cooking, skyped with children.

But the anxiety wouldn't budge.


But I did wonder if the anxiety was caused by my quitting.

Has anyone else experienced anxiety at this stage of their quit? And if so did you find something that helped? Also,how long does it last?

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I think when we're quitting that we blame it for everything Becky. I know that quitting can make us feel a complete range of emotions from grumpiness to vulnerability to anxiousness but I wouldn't necessarily blame it for the way you're feeling at the moment and especially if as you say you've suffered with anxiety before.

I would see how you go and try to keep up your positive quit approach - you seemed to be coping very well recently and sounding quite confident about your quit.

Sorry, I know my reply isn't very helpful :(.

Keep smiling Becky and I hope you feel better soon.:)

Yes I suppose you're right Linda. Maybe I would've had it anyway, just wanted to blame it on something.......:)

I tell you what Becky - my concentration seems to have taken a battering since I stopped smoking. I would have expected it to improve. I've just commented to something you posted on LizziLu's thread thinking I was replying to you on here. I must start trying to engage my brain more efficiently:o and I did that before the glass of wine that I'm having now.;) Tell you what though, at one time I never thought I would enjoy one without a cigarette to go with it - not any more though so things must be looking up at long last.:D

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to nsd_user663_51263

I thought the same too Linda, but I actually enjoy a glass of wine 100% more now I don't smoke as can really taste it now, enjoy and savor it!


Hey Becky, I had these feelings at the exact same time of my quit too, unfortunately the next 2 weeks are going to be tough as the mental battle starts to kick in, how I got through it was just take hour by hour, then it will become day by day and then week by week where I am now heading to week 8 on Thursday, try to keep yourself busy, lots of deep breaths and the herbal drinks when anxious. Also, what may help is reading up on how other people found this stage of their quit on here.....its a rollercoaster of ride but a good one, just keep telling yourself that...


Anxiety and nerves have always been a problem for me all through my life.

As a smoker, everytime I felt I was losing control, I would excuse myself and go for "fresh air" - I found it very hard to deal with those moments without the cigarette.

Yes, I understand that the anxiety was there before, and the cigarette doesn't help...but I was left with nothing to hold onto when needed.

After doing a lot of research including on this forum, there's really interesting posts from Hercu and Meli...I decided to get whatever is out there to help me.

I bought gabba stimulant supplement, one supplement for anxiety and sleep disorders and magnesium powder.

The gabba supplement is to be taken every day, the other 2 I use it when I need it, but it works.

Do some research on the net and hey...whatever works! we have to try everything and give it our best shot, because quitting is not easy but it's doable and worth it.

Thank you everyone. I really appreciate your replies and support. Once again I've woken up at 4am with bad anxiety. I'm now off for a walk across the fields with my dog. Going to try and sweat it out. I must say I don't fancy going through weeks of this but then again I can't turn back now plus I would only have to go through it all again I suppose.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to nsd_user663_64457

Unfortunately Becky, sleep disruption can occur up to 4 weeks of a quit and possibly longer for some people. It will be worth it when it passes and you will be delighted with yourself, hang in there, you will get through it....

Hang in there, Beckybecks! You can do it. You're an inspiration!

I've had a bad day. I think the worst since I started the quit. I've tried very hard to cope with the anxiety and it's been really extreme. I don't have a craving to smoke anymore except that today in the midst of all the anxiety a little voice kept telling me how much a cigarette would help...... What has really disturbed me is being told that this could go on for weeks. I don't remember this happening to me before so I think I'm going to have to disregard that and believe that the quitting process is different for everyone. I absolutely refuse to have another day like this anyway!

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It doesn't go on for weeks otherwise I wouldn't be here today! The trick is to stay strong and go past that first month, after that... Well, it's really manageable... I would be pretty bad in terms of anxiety and I'm managing well.

Becky if I can do it, believe me You can too!

Stay firm, you've made a decision, stick to it and this will be over before you notice...


RoisinO1Administrator in reply to nsd_user663_64457

Hey Becky, I am so sorry if I frightened you with my post earlier - it was not my intention but was for your information only. I was just reading up on my quit at this stage and things were up and down from week 2 but it does get easier each time you have a bad day. You are doing so well and seem to be very strong and determined lady, I promise things will get easier soon. Maybe relax this evening in a long bath or listen to your favourite music...

Thank you Mmaya and Rowens. So nice to have people caring. :)

I WILL survive this, I just don't want to suffer too much.... Call me a wimp but I've reached an age where I try to make everything as easy as possible.

I just honestly expected things to get a little easier, a little better every day. So today has been a rude shock.

I see from my app I'm now on Day 13 so another 8 days til I reach Day 21 which is my next milepost. By then I intend to be feeling much better!

Thanks again.

Don't know what I'd do without all of you kind caring buddies. xx

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to nsd_user663_64457

You are very welcome Becky, we are all in the same boat here and we are a strong crew (you are certainly not a wimp but the opposite for quitting). When the anxiety attack occurs, (I know it is 100 times worse at night, lying in bed in darkness and everything seems so much worse), keep telling yourself these feelings are normal at this stage and will pass.

Did you try that herbal supplement of black pepper, eucalyptus oil and lemon you read up on?


Hey girl, wimp or no wimp, moaner or no doesn't matter, whatever it takes as far as you'll a non smoking wimp lol

Don't over think it! Xxxx

Hey, even with an ecig my anxiety peaked in week 2 and lasted about 2 weeks and I feel ok now. takes a month for your brain to down regulate the nicotine receptors. well done for not looking to a fag to sort it out :) xx

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