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My Second 'New Quitter' Post

Hi Guys

Im back after deciding to quit again as of Monday originally, I woke up today with last nights tar rattling around my chest, and thought, right - nice un stressful day ahead, game of golf later, why not start today. Must say I feel much more confident and relaxed than my last (pathetic) attempt.

So I have my Nicorette Inhalator as my new buddy, in case things get too bad, just popped my multi vitamin, and have my two litres of water in tow.

This is the one, I can feel it!!

Speak soon.

Day One - in progress...........

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Good luck to you, you will have learned from your last quit, better to be trying again rather than smoking that's for sure.

Read about the nicotine addiction, the web sites are in my signature and many others, there you will learn about the things you go through while quitting and it will help you to understand what is going on.



Hi mr Virginia :D

Well done bringing your quit day forward that's great

You sound much more confident this time




:):)Good for you.

Keep us all posted with how you're doing...and good luck! x


Well i'm on my 4th attempt in a 3 year period, the one i tried before this one only lasted til day 4.. bit of a false start in honesty, but you just need to look at what went wrong last time, know when the danger points were, and prepare and react differently next time.

When it clicks.. it just clicks.. its a bit like a light bulb going on :)

Good luck for this try.. hope you succeed.



Im very ashamed to say... Im back to day 1....

Sorry all! x


Hi Mr Virginia!!

just want to drop a line to wish you all the success in your quit-it really is worth it xxx

Little cinders (by the way love the 'london innit') So what day 1!!! you will will get to that place where stopping smoking arrives in a comfortable place, you will get there-ignore the nico-demons playing with your head and you will grow stronger every-day



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