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Starting my second week today!

Morning all,

Had a very busy weekend so I didnt get chance to update thread 4-7 but Ive got through the first week smoke free and Im on day 8 today, still cold turkey. Very pleased with myself but theres still a long way to go.

Im sleeping loads better and feel like I have a lot more energy. Dont get as many cravings as I did but I still get a few so just have to fight through each one. Hope I can get through another week!

Good luck to all.

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Hey Dave,

I quit Cold Turkey too, in my opinion it is the best way. It is so satisying to know that you have done it on your own, patches had not worked for me before :D

You have done so so well, the first week is definatley the hardest. Stay strong and resist the urges.


Well done again!

Jill xxx


hi and well done to you all for getting through the first week :)

you will all have different symptons when giving up most have probs with sleep either too much or not enough appetite can change as well dont forget its down to going with out the drug nicotine that does it like anything your addicted to so its going to take time for your body to recover its weird how it effects everyone differently also going cold turkey can make the side effects seem worse again depending on you as an individual

just remember there is always someone around on here for advise and read read read that helps to keep your mind distracted and is educating too i know ive learnt loads

regards Carol


Hi all

Cold turkey for me too...i tried patches last time n soon as i took em off i started again.This time isnt as hard as before for some reason...the boredom more than anything, n the fact i eat loads more.

I still get light headed now and then and still not sleeping too good but still smoke free n thats the main thing.

Keep hard at it...xx:D


congrats on week two!! im at 17 days quit cold turkey also:D so happy to be smoke free...its hard at times but so worth it!! yes?:)


Thanks all, on day 9 and still going strong, I am worried as I was on this site a few months back but ending up failing after a night out and starting again and was around this time in the quit attempt. Im just staying focused on making it to the next thread.


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