No Smoking Day
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day 9 now!

Hello folks,

I am still smoke free! Yesterday after a conversation with a vaper I foolishly doubted my insticts and had some ecig yesterday evening and today. Now as im writing this I feel like ass sooooo tired and been really emotional today. I actually felt better feeling slightly manic and agitated being cold turkey! weird I know! in a way I look at this as a positive experience because it has taught me that nicotine does indeed make me feel flat and horrible. espeacially as it wasn't cigarettes I kept thinking about it was ecig the whole first week, and they are not good at all. It didn't improve anything and infact made me feel worse.

With that in mind, tomorrow is a new day and I wont be using the ecig for a second day, back on the NO nicotine at all method, and vodka shot if needed method. :)

also my biggest concern being cold turkey was my lack of concentration, and I had to read a 15 page journal for uni, (this was before the ecig). at first I struggled but in the end I got really into it and actually retained more of the information than I normally do. Goes to show a lot of these 'symptoms' are actually fears we have adjusting to non smoking life.

Anyways, a vape is not a fag so its all good, no blood lost. back to cold turkey and the back to the battle in this war of stopping smoking, with a positive outlook :) peace x

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Good going Nikki, weren't you telling me before that you never go past day 7? Not only you did it but you're doing it smiling ;) I don't think eciggs are a good option....but hey,everything is allowed expect for killing people and smoking!

I'm proud of you, I believe you will do this ;)


Hi Nikki, I'm on the ecigs and they work for me but not for everyone so I think you've done the right thing. Do it the way that feels right for you; it's obviously working!


Hey Nikki.. You are doing great...No matter what the method, just fight on....You will succeed !


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