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beginning of day 5 !!!!!

Hi everyone,

Well I'm back for about the 15 millionth time in the last few years lol. I decided not to post on days 1-4 as this is when I normally give in.

But decided to read Allen Carr's book. So far so good. I feel fine surprisingly, a bit tearful yesterday. But that could be to do with all the rubbish my sister is going through. ( decided I needed to go CT, I think every other time I've used some sort of nic replacement, and I find smoking is always on my mind)

I've even found half a pouch of baccy. Don't even feel tempted. Yay.

Well done to everyone quitting. I'm now off to eat my second bacon butty of the day lol. ( didn't realise how much I liked bacon) :)

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Hey Blackrose08, welcome back and the very best of luck on your new quit. Its great you have reached Day 5.

I gave up 10 years ago for 1 and half years after reading Allen Carr's book which I found excellent. I went back on them gradually, nights out and then started buying a packet and soon found myself smoking full-time again. I decided to quit as my husband gave them up a year and a half ago and I felt so guilty smoking around him and him inhaling secondary smoke and hearing alot of sad stories of people getting sick and dying from smoking related illnesses.

​I am on Day 22 doing it cold turkey as I want to get every bit of that nicodemon out of my system and not prolong the withdrawals. I am finding it a real rollercoaster of a ride both physically and mentally but I am battling through it and taking each day as it comes.

Keep strong, we can do this!


Blackrose....I am amazed with your guts to quit so many times and do it all over again.... Like Mark Twain who said quitting is easy he did it hundreds of times...Well then call me a "sissy" because I am so afraid of going through that Hell again I will never ever smoke again.....And It is so nice to be free and make my own happiness after 38 years of entrapment.

I still cant forgive myself that I allowed this mutilation of my body for so long.. Stay strong and we are here for you !!


Thank you everyone for your lovely words of encouragement . They all made me smile. I only noticed what was written in my signature when I came on to read the replies I had. Made me laugh, so many times I said this is it, final quit... And here I am again lol. Feels different this time though. :)

Hubby has just come home from working away for 3 weeks, so he's been going outside. He still brought me some baccy back, even though I told him I had quit. That's how much faith he has in me lol.

I will be glad to get over this tiredness and away with the fairies feeling I've had for the last couple of days. I thought that was it for my symptoms until my 8 y/o son asked me if I could please not be stressy when he gets home from school, lol. I promised him I'd be happy and have a game of Kirby with him. ( haven't played it for years).

Anyway off to bed, probably to dream of bacon buttys again. Thanks all for replying. Hopefully my kindle will be fixed tomorrow so I can read things properly. It's so hard using my phone. Good night all.


Good morning! welcome again and let's make this one our last quit. Stick with us. There's a few serial quitters around here at the moment, I'm one of them lol, we'll help each other and together we'll make it. I'm on day 26 today, but I'm taking the champix. I'm doing very well but I'm not celebrating yet. I'll start partying after week 8 not yet there. Hang in there buddy, we are all here for the same reason. Stay well!


Hiya mmaya, how are you finding the champix?, I tried it a few years ago, it worked but for some reason I started again lol. There doesn't seem to be many people quitting. I keep having a look to see if anyone has started around the same time as me. Can't find any lol.

Found a great symptom of having no nicotine in my system. The vivid dreams I am having, it's great. Adam Levine has starred in the last couple lol. I bet he would be well happy knowing that. ;) must be coz I saw his new video the other day, never took much notice in him before lol.

Well done with all your quits, it's great having done another day and feeling really proud :)


Hi there, there's 4 of the old timers in here at the moment...I think! There's me, Donna, Linda and karri. I decided to give it another go with the champix but this time I've reduced the dose to half and I'm planning on taking it for at least 4 or 5 months, I'm doing great, hardly any cravings, I'm almost at one far the easiest quit of all so far.I am delighted with the progress. I am turning 40 on the 14th November and I do not want to spend the next half of my life as a smoker...I will never ever ever smoke a cigarette after 40 ;)


Congrats blackrose! It gets easier and easier!


Hi everyone! New to this but really could do with some support 😞 On day 5 of quitting and using an e cig! My poor husband is getting the sharp end of my tongue bless him! Will I ever stop being this grumpy? 😩😩😩😩😩


You're really already gone through the worst....slowly you'll start enjoying and celebrating being a non smoker. There will always be good and bad moments and it's a hell of a ride, but it does get easier. You won't be grumpy all day long...unless you are the cranky type lol stay strong buddy...we'll make together


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