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Day 5 - Beginning to notice a difference

Hello everyone,

Day 5 has started very well. Had a few little thoughts about smoking, but the urge has significantly reduced when compared to Day 4.

I also woke up this morning feeling quite good and i think I have some colour coming back to my complexion which is really nice to see. I also think the dark circles round my eyes have reduced a little too. Very pleased about that.

I read in another thread that the urge to smoke starts to taper off after day 3 and I completely believe that now. On day 1 I didn't believe I'd reach day 5, but here I am feeling as though I'm through the worst of it already - and with some much appreciated support from you guys and your experiences.

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Good to see you here :) I'm glad things are starting to feel a little better for you. You may still get a "hard" day, but recognising that it will just be that, and that it will pass, will help you. I feel good today, and it's probably the first day I actually feel like a non-smoker.

Just a wee boost for you, as you will be similar. I have been attending a smoking cessation group. On my first visit, my carbon monoxide reading was 46 (quite high). Last night, after not smoking for 4 days, my reading was 2.

Onwards and upwards Milner. You are doing brilliantly :D


Hey Supersec, good to see you too and congratulations on another successful day. You sound very proud of yourself - and quite rightly so.

That's fantastic about the carbon monoxide reading and very interesting.

I know what you mean by feeling like a non-smoker... I was asked by one of my colleagues if I fancied nipping out for a quick smoke and, for the first time, I actually said "I don't smoke anymore" and it felt great. The guy called me a poof (usual non-intelligent office banter) but I didn't care. I'm proud of the fact I'm quitting and, if anything, I bet he went outside on his own wishing to himself that he could stop too.

So, here's to another good, smoke free day!


but you wear makeup and you're a boy.....

Well done for the quit! Nearly at the end of week 1. Blink and it'll be month one and you'll be well on your way. :D


I think all ex-smokers should be proud of themselves. It's a huge achievement to give up something that you've been doing longer than you haven't.

Re your workmate - Good on you. He's a slave to nicotine, and your a master of self control :p lol


Oi ye cheeky, I don't wear make-up (yet). Although I have found a L'oreal for men's moisturiser which has a tint to it (I think) - I'm gonna give it a go with no shame whatsoever!

Well said Supersec! You always have good things to say... How are you getting on this afternoon?


I'm doing OK Milner, thank you. Tomorrow I'm back at work, and it will be a bit strange not going out, but not impossible, and it will feel good to know I'm not one of those standing outside the building, huddled together, freezing cold, just so I can get by for another few hours until the next break!

What's been your hardest moment so far?


Hardest moment was on Monday morning heading in to work. I walk to work and I usually have at least two cigs on the way. Those were always the cigs I liked best so i knew that they would be the hardest. At the moment I'm reading a panto script as I walk to work which seems to occupy my mind while walking and which also leads me to the second hardest moment of quitting... I joined an amateur drama group a few years ago to keep me more occupied than usual and to try something creative. I really enjoy it, but sometimes I get out of my comfort zone and get really nervous. So, we had a rehearsal on Monday night and after I had gone through (trying) to sing a solo and do a skit that was completely off the wall, I was rasping to go out and have a cig to calm my nerves. Fortunately, I didn't have any cigs on me and no-one else in the group smokes.

Those have been my two hardest moments and I think there will be many more to come, but the best thing is to deal with them as and when they arrise.

How about you? ...what's your most difficult moments?

(Make-up, panto - I'm definitely not gay, believe me! :D)


Sunday and Monday were particularly tough days for me. There hasn't been one defining situation that was particularly hard, just in general. I didn't realised I used cigarettes as a time wasting tool as much as I did. 5 mins until this comes on the telly, I'll just have a cigarette. Bus isn't due for 5 mins, I'll have a cigarette etc, etc, and that's been a habit that's been hard, but it's just about readjusting things, and doing something else in that time.


Feels good doesnt it???Im only day 8 but noticed my skin u the circles are getting better..but most of all my energy is loads better!....Well done for getting to where u are. fantastic!


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