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day 5 and mind games begin


I always get the mind games here, im finding it harder than before and before i had my nrt to double squirt in these times. now just pure distraction.

thoughts such as:

'but what if i do really like smoking'?

' i just dont see myself as a non smoker'

'a fag would be so good right now'

im not going to smoke today though. one day and a time rule. i tell myself if in 6 months you wanna be a smoker still, then go for just get on with it!!

:mad::mad::mad::mad: grrrrr

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Hang in there nikki and remember why you wanted to stop in the first place.

We all know it's bad for us.

be strong nikki one day at a time.:)

I really did like smoking... turns out I really like not smoking as well, and its a lot cheaper ;)

Hi Nikki,

I am a couple of days behind you so may yet have to hit that brick wall of mind games and I am sure if I do you and the people here will be right behind me.

I don't really know what to say apart from sit it out- you've done so long so far waiting another second, then minute then hour etc you can do this.

Hope today is better for you x

Thank you for the kind comments. yeah not so bad today, still wouldnt mind one now but one day at a time!! best saying ever! :o xx

I really did like smoking... turns out I really like not smoking as well, and its a lot cheaper ;)

I love that quote and i really love not smoking too ,didnt realize it till i read your post.



:( sorry to hear your struggling Nikki

your smoking head is throwing everything it can at you every excuse that it can find to try and get you back to smoking again :eek:

you have to try and concentrate on the positives of quitting and keep saying to yourself

i will not smoke today

you can beat it and the further along the road you go the stronger you will get to saying no to that nasty addictive expensive smelly white stick that used to control your every waking moment

you have to get the power back and you will

i remember when i smoked saying

i love smoking

i enjoy smoking


now i think wtf was i thinking of especially when im around smokers they dont even have to have a lite one going i can smell it on them its like a big dark cloud hovering around them

scary how your addictive mind works and how it will do its best to get you hooked again

but there is hope and you will get there just keep reading your reasons for quitting and posting on here

onwards and upwards is the way to go



you know what it really is the people who are further down the journey saying their fine that gets us early stage quitters through! thank you!

you know i would just think 'sod if light up' based on how i feel now, but knowing there will come a day i dont need or want to keeps me going. whats the point in having a cancer stick to feel how you will feel all the time in a few months? none what so ever!!

ive also told myself sneackily 'if you still feel liek this in 6 months you can start again' lol i know i wont :o xx

Hi Nikki. I konw how you feel we all do we have been where you are now and we are still quit. Keep it going and you will find it is soon much much easier I promise you.

I know it sounds glib but it DOES get better. Only two days ago I felt completely hopeles, a mix of terribly depressed and ragingly angry. I seriously was on the road to 'I'd rather die early than feel like this' and don't think I've ever felt so low. My poor (constantly shouted at at present) other half talked me down and I can promise you than only 2 days later my outlook is completely different and I am now starting to see myself as a non smoker rather than a smoker that hasn't had one for a while.

It does get better dollface I promise despite what your brain is telling you. Stay string - we've all got your back!

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