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Day 1

Hi to all.

I have decided to join this forum in the hopeful event that it aids me to give up smoking. Again. I had quit for a whole year before and it was the most refreshing but yet awful year. I constantly thought about cigarettes and it felt as if i was in a state of deprivation. It was as if I lost my personality as I did not feel like my smokey old self. Even though my body felt great, my mind was out of tune. Life was so much harder without cigarettes. I eventually gave up quitting and fell in the trap all once again. Now I sit here wanting to quit so badly, the same as each day before this but yet I end up puffing away anway. Oh the fatigue, the unnecessary worry it brings into your life and the cost of life and money it brings along but yet I smoke any way. I am 25 and have been smoking since the age of 12, more than half my life have I spent smoking and that is horrifying. I would hate to carry this addiction with me throughout the rest of it. I have to beat this in order to move ahead and pursue my goals. As smoking is a distraction, its like a parasite sucking the life out of you, well to me that is. I have read tons of articles on quitting and the common factor in them all is support, therefore I have joined this forum. Tomorrow will be my day one, i am going to have my final smoke now then will be making a vow to never take another puff. All the best to everyone who has quit, who is quitting and who will quit. Being smoke free is a gift of life lol savour it and never take another puff.

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Hello Ziyaaad and welcome to the forum.

You say you managed to stay quit for one year - that's certainly an achievement and proves you can do it.

I think the mistake you made was constantly feeling you were in a state of deprivation instead of enjoying the fact that you'd gained freedom from the expensive and destructive addiction that smoking actually is.

I would be being hypocritical if I said that I can't identify myself with what you've said but I've been smoking for over 30 years and promising to give it up for most of them. I'm still trying and currently on day 19 of yet another attempt to quit. You don't want to be like me so you're doing the right thing by quitting now.

You say that tomorrow will be Day 1 for you so stick with the forum where I know you'll get plenty of support and encouragement from all of us on here. We're all in (or have been in) the same place as you are now so we know exactly what it's like. You won't be alone.

Wishing you lots of luck with your quit. Keep us posted.:)


Welcome and good luck for tomorrow! You know what to expect and you also know that you can do it. Let's get started then :)


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