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113 days (16 weeks and 1 day)


Hi Everyone

Sorry I am not around on here much but thought I would update you on my quit. I am still not smoking although have had a few days where locking myself in a room with 40 cigarettes and a bottle of something nice has felt like a good idea! I haven't though, I have made a cuppa and had a puff on my ecig and moved on :)

Things haven't got much better for me on the family front so my visits are pretty sporadic. I wish I could support everyone more but my time is being taken up at home and I am just not able to give much right now.

To those who have fallen off the wagon I wish you all the best of luck in getting right back on course and maintaining your quit. I admire you all for being so honest and being prepared to have another go! I always knew that I would have to make this one work as I am not great at starting things! I am a finisher by nature.

I will try to keep in touch on the forum from time to time. I enjoy reading everyone's posts and hearing how you are all doing :) Thinking of you all. Positive thinking my friends :)

L x

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You are doing so well Lindy!!! I'm sorry things aren't going so well for you but it's brilliant that you've held your quit.

Hang in there, better times will follow


Hi Lindy. Lovely post 16 weeks is a great achievement.:):)

I take care x

Don't worry about posting Lindy, we know things are tough for you at the moment.

but an 'I'm still here and quit' message is just perfect.

Your post brought a huge grin to my face. Well done


You are just a blinking marvel my friend and that's it.... Much love to you xx


Whatever is going on, you're just there, putting one foot in front of the other, with a determined look on your face. You are indeed an inspiration to us all, Lindy. :)

Sorry things are so fraught on the family front. You so deserve a break...:(

Thanks for your support everyone :) Really appreciated!

It isn't easy but mentally I am still strong. I keep thinking how much easier I am breathing now and that is enough to keep me moving forwards. Fear of ill health does it for me every time!

So good to see you still going strong hun :)

sending gentle hugs your way xx

Lindy you are an absolute rock and I admire you dogged determination to kick Nic into touch, no matter what horrid things get thrown your way. Although you can't visit as much as you'd like, you are giving more support than you will ever know, to go through what you are and still not smoke is the biggest boot up the bum many would be quitters need to see, to realise this is so doable. Cuddle those cats, enjoy your tea as if it were the finest single malt - when the light starts breaking through you will realise what an awesome soul you are xxx

Remember how far away 16 weeks (16 ****** weeks!) sounded when you were on day one, Lindy?

Now you're a living, breathing guru to all the new quitters on here.

And how you deserve it...you're awesome :)

S x

Thanks everyone.

Steve I think you are pretty awesome too, looks like we are on course to enter the penthouse at approximately the same time :) Well done to you!

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